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message 1: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 19 comments Mod
So, how did you guys like this book first off?
I personally did not really enjoy it, I actually didn't even finish it. Made it about 70% through, month ended, not gonna finish it. Can't make me. Gonna trade it out on my Audible because I will never listen to it again. LOL

Anywho, it's cool if you did like it, and I will still cover some topics over it. I know at least one of you had some positive opinions on it because we've been messaging about it! LOL


Whose approach to english magic did you prefer? Jonathan Strange's or Mr. Norrells? Who do you think the more accomplished magician?

What was your opinion on the footnotes? I didn't find them that bothersome since I listened to it.

How did you feel about the intervening story of Stephen Black?

Who did you think was the Ultimate Hero of the novel?

What did you think about that plot point of relationships in this novel, both between men and women, races, classes, and also friendships?

message 2: by Meo (new)

Meo Mio | 8 comments I preferred Johnathan Stranges approach to English Magic as he had to do it by trail and error. He may have never gained a sustaining interest in it had it been generally handed to him in complete book form. I found in the long run he became the more accomplished magician because of this.
The footnotes did not enhance the story for me and I found them a distraction.
I thought the story of Steven Black was important because each person has a sense of importance and belonging to the world. He decided despite his lot of being a servant and someone who felt discrimination for his race that he would do the best with his lot in life. I think he felt he was certainly deserving of being a King but had vast reservations of how that could happen in the circumstance he was born to. I was pleased with the end of his story.
I think the ultimate hero was Flora Greysteel as she remained the least damaged in the story. She was able to maintain her friendship with JS and ultimately have a closer one with his wife, while remaining independent and continuing her passion for travel. I found the relationships in this book obligatory between the Men and the Women as more a duty then a love affair. In this book It begs the question, If left to their own devices would each sex probably prefer the companionship of their own sex over companionship of the opposite sex?

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris (chris300) | 1 comments I couldn't finish it either! It just didn't grab me and went on and on without any interesting plot devices.

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 19 comments Mod
I have been reading these with my Mother in Law, and she made it through, she said it got a little better toward the end but the whole thing was a drag for her also.
I usually like historical fiction but I just felt like the style was so pretentious and the characters made no connection for me, which I've discovered is really important for me to enjoy a book.

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