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Book : Pride and Prejudice
Author : Jane Austen
Pages : 279 pages
Buddies : Ashely and Tahmina
Start Date : July 15th, 2018.

'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.' Thus memorably begins Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, one of the world's most popular novels. Pride and Prejudice--Austen's own 'darling child'--tells the story of fiercely independent Elizabeth Bennett, one of five sisters who must marry rich, as she confounds the arrogant, wealthy Mr. Darcy. What ensues is one of the most delightful and engrossingly readable courtships known to literature, written by a precocious Austen when she was just twenty-one years old.

Humorous and profound, and filled with highly entertaining dialogue, this witty comedy of manners dips and turns through drawing-rooms and plots to reach an immensely satisfying finale.

SPOILER ALERT Spoilers are allowed in this thread!!!

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message 2: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) Hey Ashley,

A couple of things before we start.

Does the date still work for you?

And how would you like to read this? A certain amount per day/week? Or would you rather just go at your own pace?

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley B. | 145 comments Yes that date still works for me. And we should do a certain amount each week. How much do you want to read a week?

message 4: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) It’s totally up to you. You can set the pace

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley B. | 145 comments I looked at the book, and the chapters are pretty short. So do you want to do 15 chapters a week? I don’t know how fast you read or how busy you are, so just till me if this works for you or if you want to change it.

message 6: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) 15 is good!

message 7: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) how are you doing with the reading so far?

I will update either today or tomorrow night! Just been a bit on the busy side.

message 8: by Ashley (new)

Ashley B. | 145 comments I've been busy too. I'll update tomorrow sometime. I'm finishing it tonight.

message 9: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) ok so spoilers up to chapter 15 ...

I find it appalling that a rich guy moves into the neighborhood and the people seem to just lose their mind over it. It seems everyone is going around introducing each other to make sure that they get a chance at the lottery. Though I love how Jane Austen writes about it in such a satirical way. Instead of making you hate these people you are laughing at them and the absurdity of the situation (i guess a little like Mr. Bennett himself).

Not a huge fan of having to be introduced before you are allowed to talk to anyone. To me that seems a bit much. I am not sure how strict the rules are but they seem completely unreasonable to me and restrictive. Though that might be the point.

Mr. and Mrs. each have a favorite and that's got to be horrible for the children knowing that you are not favored by either of your parents. Neither parent ever hides it and openly praises and lets them know that they are the favored child.

Mrs. Bennett: I mean this woman and pushing her children to get married at times can be funny but I feel like she is hurting them more than helping! But she does love her kids because what makes her hate Darcy is the fact that he dared called her daughter unattractive!

Mr. Bennett: love this man and his sarcasm. I love that he is constantly amusing himself with everyone else's behavior (something we would call people watching today).

Mr. Darcy: Kind of a jerk. But when he comes into the room, it is said in the book, within five minutes the word circulates that he is even richer than Bingley and now everyone is eyeing him. Well I am not sure I would be anything but a jerk to everyone around me. I mean you have no idea the motive behind someone coming and talking to you.

The way that he follows around Elizabeth, stares at her and listens in to her conversations is super creepy and weird. Not sure I like that one bit. And it was nice of her to just be like nope I am not letting this go and completely call him out on it.

When Jane and Elizabeth are Netherfield, it seems like he tries to be nice to Elizabeth but she won't let him (haha) and I love her for that. But I also like the clear message that he sends to Caroline by constantly bringing conversations back to include Elizabeth and not being ashamed of the fact that he likes her.

Elizabeth: I love that she takes the insult she overhears from Darcy and just turns it into a good joke and story at her own expense. I love the relationship she has with her sister Jane. Its a real friendship and a good relationship.

Charlotte: Just seems really old fashioned and I just can't imagine how she is friends with Elizabeth because these two are so different. And she had absolutely no notion of romance.

Jane: She seems like an all around good person and so does Bingley. She doesn't think ill of anyone (even when she should).

Caroline: The worst of the worst. She is the stereotypical rich, lazy and a social climber.

She is constantly trying to get Mr. Darcy interested in her. And it's pretty obvious that it's for his money and status. And I just hate women that behave this way. I’m fairly sure that he knows that she is trying to get his attention and that is probably why he gives her none.

Mrs. Hurst, Mr. Hurst: Not sure why they are at Bingley’s house. I mean I guess they are technically visiting but it just doesn’t make sense that they are always there. These two also seem to have married each other for the benefits rather than love.

Caroline and Mrs Hurst: These two tend to make the most hypocritical claims when talking about wealth and status and completely ignore their own status.

I almost forgot Mr. Collins: Can you think of a more annoying person then him. Just wow.

message 10: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) How is the reading so far Ashley?

message 11: by Ashley (new)

Ashley B. | 145 comments I'm sooooo sorry. My internet's been down for a couple days so I couldn't post anything.

I can't say I'm loving this book so far. It just seems kinda like a very stereotypical type of romance. Everyone just has to introduce themselves in front of the new guy in town who has money and is handsome. And then of course he starts to fall in love with the very beautiful girl who isn't very rich at all. I do wonder how they did fall in love, for Jane seems kinda plain and Mr. Bingley seems a little energetic and extroverted. They do seem like a good couple, but not really the kind with a good marriage.

Also, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are really fun to read about. I think they could make a very excellent couple. I believe that a lot of men and boys seem to follow the girl they like around, and I think the same could be said with girls. Mr. Darcy is fascinated with Elizabeth and simply wants to get to know her better. He shows his love in odd ways, but I believe he isn't a complete jerk like everyone believes he his. I bet if Elizabeth gave him and chance then he would show everyone that he is good and witty and nice. Nobody seems willing to give Mr. Darcy a chance, because of a bad first impression.

I do not like much at all. She obviously cares about the well being of her girls, but the way she presents it makes her seem obsessive about getting her girls married. She seems to pounce at the chance at getting her girls married as though that is the only thing that matters. I do not believe her and her husband are a good fit. I like Mr. Bennet much more than her. He is good-humored and very thoughtful. He seems to be a very good person to be around.

I also do not care for the Bingley sisters. They are very much too judge mental. They seem to think very highly about themselves and give plenty of judgmental remarks.

I do like all the sisters. Each of them seems very different from the other ones, and I very much like it. As an entire group of people, they complete each other perfectly.

message 12: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) No worries!

Just wanted to make sure that you were still interested.

Kind of sad that you are not liking it so far as this is one of my favorite books. I am hoping it picks up for you though!

I think its interesting that you think that about Jane and Bingley. Because the first time I read this book I felt those two were the most suited for one another. I think that they are both just kind and good hearted and that's what makes them suitable for each other. They are also more open to people and seem to think the best of everyone around them without passing judgement. I feel like that makes them more suited for one another. But that's just me.

Yes. When people like each other, even when they are pretending not to like them, they have a tendency to be always around them without meaning too.

I don't think he is a complete jerk and is most likely very shy but I don't think that's an excuse for being rude. I can understand being super quiet in large crowds (because I tend to do the same) but I'm never rude though sometimes I can give the impression that I am. And I think its the same here with Darcy but he says and does things that are just downright rude.

So I have read a lot of opinions on Mr and Mrs. Bennett. And the consensus tends to be that Mrs. Bennett is shrewd and vulgar in the name of getting her kids married off but she doesn't realize that she is probably the number one reason that her kids are not getting married. Because of the way she takes her kids and pretty much pushes them in the arms of any man that walks by and is interested she tends to be more ridiculous then effective. But that unlike Mr. Bennett, she actually cares for the well being of her family and loves her kids. She wants them taken care of and well situated. Mr. Bennett, on the other hand, seems to be tolerant of his family and just wants to be left alone. He doesn't much care for what happens to his children. Which is not at all what I get from reading this book. He is my favorite character. I feel like he distances himself because he knows he won't be able to stop Mrs. Bennett acting crazy and just hoping everyone realizes that Jane and Elizabeth are not like their mother.

Ughhhh I hate the Bingley sisters especially Caroline who pretty much throws herself at Darcy and just love her complete indifference to her.

The Bennett sisters are amazing. I have two sisters (no brothers) and we are all so similar but SOOOOo different. So its nice seeing such differing personalities in one family.

I will be finishing up to chapter 20 today. How far are you on the reading?

message 13: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) Hey Ashley. Hope the reading is going well!

Spoilers from chapters 16-23:

Mr. Collins (view spoiler)

Mrs. Phillips (view spoiler)

Wickham (view spoiler)

Caroline (view spoiler)

Elizabeth (view spoiler)

Darcy (view spoiler)

Mrs. Bennett (view spoiler)

Mr. Bennett: He's like the ultimate socialist but with an appreciation for the absurd.

Miss Lucas: (view spoiler)

Mrs. Lucas(view spoiler)

message 14: by Ashley (new)

Ashley B. | 145 comments Sorry I haven’t posted anything. I’ve been putting off reading it, because I just can’t get into the book.

message 15: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) Ashley wrote: "Sorry I haven’t posted anything. I’ve been putting off reading it, because I just can’t get into the book."

Thats ok. Let me know if you still want to keep reading the book.

message 16: by Ashley (new)

Ashley B. | 145 comments I still want to, I’m just going slower

message 17: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) My sister also couldn’t really get into the book at first. I don’t know how you are with movies and spoilers but my sister really got into it after I suggested watching the movie first and then returning to read the book. I personally can’t read books after I’ve seen the movie but only you can tell if this will help or hurt.

message 18: by Tahmina (new)

Tahmina (tpopal) Hi Ashley .... How far have you gotten on this?

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