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The Deal (Off-Campus, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Girl helps tutor a guy to keep his spot at a price for him to help her get with this guy. Spoilers ahead.

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Kate  | 10 comments So I read this book like a year ago and this girl she’s really smart and it was midterms and she passed an exam that everyone failed and this guy he’s on a team and in order for him to stay on the team his grade needs to be a certain amount. So he goes to ask her for help she refuses at first. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! But she then later tells him okay only if only he helps her get with this guy that’s like popular. So throughout the story they are both helping each other and they watch the series breaking bad. And then even later on she gets together with the popular guy and his father see that’s he’s in a relationship and immediately doesn’t approve cuz he wants his son to focus on the team. She I think he try’s to pay her but she doesn’t take the money. That’s all I remember

Anna Goerlitz | 9 comments This is The Deal by Elle Kennedy. Great college romance

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Kate  | 10 comments Yes thank you so much !

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