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message 1: by Mady (new)

Mady DeJulio | 25 comments Mod
The new month has started which means it's time to start reading! Just a reminder that the group book for this month is "The Wicked Deep" by Shea Ernshaw. I hope you have your hands on the book. If not, then do so asap. :)

Discussion posts will be up every Sunday throughout the month and will be divided up by every 5 chapters. These are posted periodically so as to avoid spoilers for those who aren't as far into the book as others. Here is the schedule for when the discussions will be posted.
7/8: Chapter 1 - 5
7/15: Chapter 6 - 10
7/22: Chapter 11 - 15
7/29: Chapter 16 - 22

Of course, you may read ahead of the schedule but please keep your comments only about the chapters discussed that week so that we don't spoil anyone who isn't as far along in the book as you.

To keep the discussion going until next Sunday, I thought we could use this post to express our initial thoughts on the book. What are your first impressions? Are you enjoying it so far? Let us know without giving away spoilers please (or at least give a warning if you do so).

As for me, I have read the first two chapters and I can tell it's going to be a gripping book. :)

message 2: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Martin (kellymartinbooks) | 11 comments I won't say how far I am into it (I couldn't put it down) but I will do my initial thoughts.

1) I couldn't put it down lol

2) The cover is amazingly beautiful. Like, it's pretty online, but it's gorgeous holding it (it's so shiny and... pretty)

3) I love how unique the story is. It's not a spoiler (since it's in the synopsis on the cover) but I have to keep pushing back in my brain WHY would people stay in the town during Swan Season? Like, wouldn't you just leave? Wouldn't the town ship all the kids out even as just a precaution? I'm glad they do (cause there wouldn't be a story) lol but still... seems weird. I'm a run and live type person.

4) I love the writing style. I love books with this type of cadence.

message 3: by Mady (new)

Mady DeJulio | 25 comments Mod
I have to agree on the cover. And the naked covers of the first editions look so beautiful. My favorite thing about the book is the atmosphere. It's so well written. Especially for a debut book.

And that's true. Why stay in the town? I know I would haha. But yes there'd be no story if they just left.

message 4: by Mady (new)

Mady DeJulio | 25 comments Mod
Ilja wrote: "I kinda hope there will be an explanation for why they are not leaving town. It's a very obvious plothole. And while there wouldn't be a story otherwise, I feel like this is something that the writ..."

The town is pretty despicable to me. Somewhere I read that they're only stay there for sentimental reasons? But are they really that stupid? And some people have left the town. I know I would!

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