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Legion of the Damned (Legion, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci-fi book about cyborgs soldier fighting a war on a distant planet. [s]

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Damon Rycroft | 4 comments I read that book in the mid-00s, i can remember that there were lots of cyborg soldiers griping about there lot in life as they thought this war, I also remember that the unit had one or two massive robots with spider-like legs and who possibly sacrificed themselves so the others could survive

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Fullfaun Faun lauranne Dahner writes a series about cyborgs

Damon Rycroft | 4 comments Sadly that doesn’t appear to be them

Damon Rycroft | 4 comments The book feels a lot like Quake 4

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Peter Meilinger | 473 comments Maybe the Legion Of The Damned series by William C. Dietz. The cyborg soldiers were mostly prisoners who had been sentenced to death who were actually executed and then had their minds uploaded into robotic bodies, if that rings a bell.

Damon Rycroft | 4 comments That is the one, thank you very much

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Kris | 37428 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Damon. Here's the link for the Legion series by William C. Dietz. The first main book is Legion of the Damned.

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