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Questions - Watching the HBO series after having Read the book a few years back...

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Stephen I read the book some time ago and am now watching the HBO series.
I have a few questions about plot points. Were these in the book or just added for the TV series?

1) Clay had been in therapy prior to the book starting? Any details on what he was being treated for?

2) In the "Oh My Dollar" Valentine program, Clay's list is shown in a very brief truncated fashion. Was his Top Pick Hannah?

Thanks for answering these. I'm sure I'll have more.

Michael Prentice There is a lot going on in the show that doesn't happen in the book. (The show takes place over a series of days, while in the book, Clay listens to the tapes all in one night.)
In answer to your first question, there is nothing about Clay being in therapy in the book. As for your second question, I don't remember enough about it to answer.😕

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