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Your Result

Jason Voorhees - A true loner. All you want is to have a nice quiet walk in the woods, but people keep stepping on your territory and messing with your stuff. You tend to be a little on the moody side, with the strength and intelligence of a mad man.

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Why Mr. President. I didn't know you watched the Friday the 13th movies. Does Michelle allow that or do you sneak peek them? LOL

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I'll let you decide on that

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Creighton Duke - Born Leader. Hard ass to the end, you are the one who takes charge when things start to look rough. On occasion you have kicked some ass, and done it well. You don't take any crap, which tends to leave you with few friends.

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Barack Obama wrote: "I'll let you decide on that"

Hell yeah you sneak peek them. Michelle likes chick flicks.

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