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Elli (The Bibliophile) (thebibliophilebooks) | 53 comments This is the discussion for part 3 of the novel!

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Ginger (gingerrachelle) *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS*

WOW! Part 3 is something else! It really took a turn and became so much heavier. Not that the rest of the book has been light.The combination of the letters and the thing that happens to her at school along with her father whew that was a lot to take in.Not to even mention what goes down with the Babette from Fifi's Apron. Am I the only one who had no idea what was going to happen there.
I'm starting to wonder about Ruth. Why are things disappearing on her? There was the article and then the pages in the diary. Also why can't she find the video that was posted online? Is this all made up in her mind or are we dealing with some magical stuff going on here? I also don't really care for the relationship between Ruth and Oliver. They seem more like roommates than a married couple it all seems so vague but maybe it's supposed to be. Nao's parents are insufferable. They are so disengaged. Her father seems clinically depressed so it's not like he's choosing to be this way but, her mother is so hands off. At least she went to school and said something about the bullying. I keep reminding myself that Japanese culture is different from American and so I can't put my own stuff on their stuff.I may be overlapping parts 2 and 3 here so I'm sorry.
No matter what I'm thoroughly engaged in the story and I will be reading more from Ruth Ozeki.

Louise (atrixa) Is there going to be a thread for part 4? I completely agree with you G, it has become a lot heavier. The language used for Ruth's dream even felt more dense and developed. I had my suspicions about Fifi's apron but I wasn't sure about what Nao was doing there. I'm now much more interested in Ruth and Oliver's side of the story and what's going down there.

Brianne Reeves (bree_reeves) I felt like Oliver. I didn't realize what was happening at Fifi's but I knew what was happening with Nao's dad.

I don't think you can blame Nao's mom for being hands off really. She's doing a lot to keep the family functioning. I think the hard part for a reader there is that there's almost no additional narrative about Nao's mom.

I think part of the estrangement between Oliver and Ruth stems from her resentment for having moved. I think she's really frustrated that Oliver is seeming to thrive while she's treading water trying to write a book that doesn't want to be written.

Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
I apologize you all for not responding recently to post 3 & 4. I have been busy with work and school for the last week and a half, but I will try to finish reading the book by Saturday so I can catch up on responding on parts 3 & 4 soon. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the book so much. I'm loving the conversations it has sparked within the group. Thanks for you all's participation and patience with me thus far.

Happy Reading!


Adira (introvertinterrupted) | 391 comments Mod
It's so weird to think about the relationship between our culture and the Japanese culture since media and technology makes us so close to each other. I want so much to jump into the story and hug Nao after that intense bullying scene (view spoiler). I hate the fact that it seems like no one really cares or can help Nao. It seems like the adults in her life should be held accountable for how much she's struggling (and by this I mean her mom since she seems like the most responsible and stable of the two parents).

In terms of Fifi's apron, I had NO clue just like Oliver. I thought the café was just a simple internet café. (view spoiler) This scene like so many other makes me realize just how gradual the reveal is in this particular book. I never realized how many things were being glossed over until I reached the scene in Fifi's Apron. It's interesting how certain things are hinted at, but never fully revealed until Ozeki is ready for us to know about the specifics in her characters' lives.

The items disappearing was freaky especially when paired with the storm scene. I really am interested in how the legends and myths about the crow fit into the storyline since there was one line when the Crow is flying away during the storm and Ozeki writes that it is looking for "home." This makes me think that the Crow is actually a person trapped. My money is on Haruki #1 or Jiko, but I could be off based here.

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