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message 1: by Amiya (last edited Aug 03, 2014 07:40AM) (new)

Amiya (acgisme) If you want to start role playing, but are lost for ideas about characters, you can use a character from here. There will be multiple ready made characters on the thread, and if you want to use one, just post, and wait for a mod to approve. You can make changes to that character as well. Also, if you want to make a character, you can post it here for anyone to use.

Please no power playing, some characters are getting really powerful, somewhat unfair for others.

If you are making one for others,use the basic template.

message 2: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Name: Amanda

Age: 16

Appearance: blond curly hair, tall, fair,

Personality: very girly, and she likes matchmaking. She loves tricking people into thinking she's harmless, then attacking them,

History: she grew up like a beauty queen, using her powers to make her pretty. She grew up in California with only her mom. She left for the academy when her mom sent her to boarding school.

Powers: Light

Good/evil: indifferent, she prefers to stay on her own side.

Ultimate Lantern: no

Other: she has always been the popular girl, but she never had any real friends.

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