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June 2018 Discussion: The Hating Game

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Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
A thread about our June 2018 book club pick!

Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
The Hating Game destroyed me in the most beautiful, organic way. I read The Hating Game in a little over a day. I just could NOT put it down. I have always been a huge sucker for a slow burn romance novel, but paring that with one of my favorite troupes made this even more amazing. It is not just those factors that make the book enjoyable for me, however.

I rarely see a novel executed so well. Most novels, especially in the romance genre are forced to be quick paced, so the characters can meet, fall in love, experience conflict and work through it in a certain amount of pages. The pacing of the novel was perfect, both of the characters were realistic in both their personal issues and their interpersonal ones. Neither party crossed the line in the things they said or did to each other when they were "enemies." And when Lucy or Josh did something that genuinely hurt each other, even if it wasn't their intent, they APOLOGIZED! Such a healthy and beautiful thing to read.

I also think there's a healthy balance in fear of change, fear of the future, and just wanting to give into that calling anyway. Neither characters gives in too early in the book, but they also don't prolong things just to fill out pages either. When they do give into (what we know as readers is the inevitable) what happens is so natural? I legitimately cried during the sex scene? Like cried actual tears out of my eyes.

Finishing the book, I missed these characters so much, and I cannot wait to read Sally Thorne's other work if this is any indication of how she writes.

Julie Catone | 14 comments This book was really hard for me to read and I wasn't expecting that at all. I recently went through a breakup and I think it hit me super hard while reading this book. I had to put it down a few times because it was just too much for my heart.

The love and banter between Josh and Lucy is so adorable and made me wish I had that in my life. The way they slowly started to trust each other more and made mistakes along the way (most of which made me cringe) was beautiful to witness.

Danny was the worst and I hated him. That's that.

I was really sad we didn't get to see the interview and see Lucy get the job (because we know she would have crushed it), It would have been nice to see how she succeeded in her work life as well as her love life. I want a sequel to see that and how their relationship progress with Josh's new job. What new problems arise. I also want to see Josh at Sky Diamond farms!

I c r i e d when Elaine was in the garden with Lucy talking to her about Josh and I don't know if it was because my exe's mom's name is Elaine and she reminded me of her or if it was just a beautiful moment or both or what.

I'm a big believer in that we read what we need in our lives. I think I needed to read this book to help me heal and little and to remind myself of what the possibilities are out there.

Ashley Cummins | 47 comments Mod
I agree so much with you, Julie! I also had a breakup recently, and it really made me feel as if something was wrong with me, by the end of it. I still find myself feeling lonely and disconnected from the others around me. I saw myself in both the main characters, but when all was said and done, I wanted to BE Lucy so bad. I wanted to find that love that was both witty, and difficult, and beautiful, while still allowing space for individual growth-- which is what I think this relationship allows.

I also, would absolutely love it if a sequel was made for this book. I want Josh to find redemption with Lucy's father, give her the opportunity and strength to see her parents more, and for him to be accepted in a way that his own father has never accepted him. I also believe that WE NEED to see what went down in the interview, while I realize it was somewhat a plot device to give them a reason to work out the fact that they actually are perfect for one another, I became so grossly invested in Lucy's proposal, her abilities, and her overall success. I want to see all of it come to fruition.

P.S. Danny was a smug, P.O.S in my opinion, and I'm so glad that Lucy didn't end up with him just because he seemed to be a "nice guy."

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