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message 1: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Rogers | 8 comments I’m a reader and not an author, so I’m not sure how to request you look into the books by C. S. Challinor. Maybe it is something the author has to do, but since I was the one looking for books, I thought I’d point out what I saw.
Evidently, you have two C. S. Challinor’s – The one with all of the correct books is at:

The second listing – for the same author is at :

The second listing for the author and the book that is listed there should be removed. The book is already correctly listed under the first listing.

There is something strange in some of the displays and I have no clue how exactly to tell you what I’m seeing, but I’ll describe it as best I can. If you look at the listing of the books for C.S. Challinor at, you’ll see that all but three of the books have the series and book number in the title line. The three that don’t show it are: Murder at Midnight, Murder Comes Calling and Prelude to Murder. It would be really nice to see the series and book number on those three in that listing. However, I do have to say that if I click on those books to open the individual sheet for that book, that does display the book number – see for instance.

I’ve probably been clear as mud, but I’ve tried to explain.

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 7260 comments I moved the books and combined them and asked staff for a merge of the profiles due to the followers there.
The series name issue is just because it is not mandatory to enter the name into the title field (that's the black written you see on the the authors page) but system does show the GR series listing on the book's page (that grey one you see on the book page) and shows it in title.

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Rogers | 8 comments Thank you -- that was certainly quick.

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