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22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree
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Tana (tana_t) | 14676 comments Mod
22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree by Darrell Gibbs Darrell Gibbs

Title: 22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree
Author: Darrell Gibbs
Genre: Nonfiction Self-Help Genealogy
Formats Available: Mobi, Epub & Pdf
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 10


☆★☆ Download 22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree today and discover your genealogy!☆★☆

Discover genealogy and research your ancestral roots!

Are you starting your Genealogy journey? Have you begun your Family Tree? Have you ever wondered how many steps there are in researching your Family Tree, and what they are? Where do you start? Do you have detective skills and want to solve your families mysteries?

This e-book is for you, it lists the necessary steps required for new genealogists to help research and organize to keep better record-keeping for their Family Tree. It saves you time and a lot of frustration by following a set of steps. Stop guessing what steps you have to take.

Set goals and reach your objectives following the '22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree'. Trace your ancestral lineage back generations.

Within this packed resource is a lot of information for you to reach your goals and before you know it, you will be well on your way to having a neatly organized Family Tree to share with all of your family. Leave a legacy for future generations so they know where they came from.

Researching and finding out about your family’s history can be very exciting. Most importantly you have to document what you discover. This e-book is the perfect companion for new genealogists researching their family tree. The '22 Steps' will guide you through each step with links to help you search for your ancestors.

Get your research in order and create a Family Tree that you will be proud of.

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Formats available: Mobi, Epub & Pdf

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Cecily Wolfe | 10 comments I'd love to read this - just starting on my family history and have no idea where to begin!

Cecily Wolfe
PDF or epub

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Darrell Gibbs | 12 comments Good Day Cecily,

I sent this in an email to your email address as well with the ebook!

First let me say that it was very nice that you would like to read the book. I hope that it will be informative so that you can begin your journey and discover where you came from.

I have the e-book in epub format (Smashwords & D2D) and the paperback version in PDF Proof copy (I indicated on an insert page that it is an ARC copy). Both are attached.

Would you also be so kind to leave a review? I would appreciate it very much. In fact, I was ecstatic when I checked Goodreads and seen I had a message when I opened it up. The reason why is that I am still learning how to get reviewers and promote the book. Being an author, a book promoter & marketer are very different and time consuming. Learning is half the battle and fun!

If the book would be beneficial for new genealogists in researching their family tree let me know. I personally think that following these steps and using it as a guide would enable them in their research and get positive results. I tried to create the book with URL links for people researching their family trees who are from Canada, US, UK and Australia. So hopefully it will appeal to people in those countries.

I respect your comments,

Thank You For Reaching Out,


PS. If you have any questions about genealogy, please don't hesitate to contact and I would help out in any way. Genealogists Helping Others!

My Amazon Author page is
You also visit me Author Website
My Genealogy Blog Page
Wessex Reign Website (for updates for book release)

Cecily Wolfe | 10 comments Darrell wrote: "Good Day Cecily,

I sent this in an email to your email address as well with the ebook!

First let me say that it was very nice that you would like to read the book. I hope that it will be informat..."

I will definitely leave a review here and on Amazon and Smashwords - if there is anywhere else you'd like me to review, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

message 5: by Darrell (new) - added it

Darrell Gibbs | 12 comments If you could that's great, thank you very much. Hope you enjoy the book and can use the information to start your family tree. It can be very addictive when you research, have fun.


Cecily Wolfe | 10 comments I just posted my review to Goodreads and Amazon - I couldn't on Smashwords because it said I had to purchase it there to post a review. Thanks for sharing this - it was very helpful. The graphics were overlapping the text a bit which made some of it difficult to read, but I was able to figure it out.

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Darrell Gibbs | 12 comments Thank you, I sent you a quick email and thanked you. I will have to look and fix that issue about the graphics.

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