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Glamorama Ending Explanation?
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GlamoramaSo I just finished this book and I'm pretty confused to what happened. I would be happy if somebody actually explained this to me. First of all what is the french film crew that is with victor. Are they actually real? I assumed they were just apart of Victor's imagination. The film director I think actually gives relevant information to Victor about Bobby and whatever so I'm not actually sure if they are fake or not. Who is Marina on the cruise? Is Marina just some random character that was sent to warn victor with no further significance? Who does she work for and what actually happened to her? Why does Bobby kill his "friends"(Jamie, Bentley, etc)? What was the point of Jamie saying she isn't actually Jamie. Who was with Chloe when she said she got pregnant by Victor? Victor was in London or Paris at this time. What was the reason that Chloe had to die? I don't really understand if this is a "happy" ending or not. Victor killed two people near the end of the book out of nowhere so I guess he is also a super agent and supermodel now. I know I just asked like 15 questions but I genuinely enjoyed this book so I'm interested in knowing exactly what happened. If anybody could help me out with this that would be great.Glamorama

Dang I didn't realize the guy who killed those two people at the end was actually a double of Victor; I just thought it was Victor.

In a Harvard talk BEE admitted Victor dies in the end. I believe his body guard is taken out and it's evident the original Victor is next.

The whole thing is a mix of conspiracy and drug induced hallucination/delusion. His dad is being groomed to become president of the USA and with his tendencies toward drugs/alcohol/sex he's a liability so this elaborate plot is hatched to have him replaced with a secret agent. Right from the start 'Victor' is spotted in different places at the same time and he swears he's not been there, pointing to a double being active before he heads to Europe.

The constant film crew following him around and his continued reference to a script is, I think, all part of his drug addled mind trying to make sense of the chaos he's found himself in by creating delusions. That is to say if he can convince himself he's on a movie set then he isn't really in the predicament he's in.

The 'Victor' who killed two people at the end was the double, the one replacing him. If you notice, he speaks into a phone or a radio or something and uses his real name (agent Dave or whatever) reporting to his superiors that he would need a clean-up team to take care of it.

Hope that helps with some of it!

Personally I felt a little (quite a bit) let down with this novel even though i definitely enjoyed reading the individual scenes.

Old saying, 'when you finally meet your double, you gonna die.

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