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Irritated with these characters decisions?
gkbowood gkbowood Jun 29, 2018 09:13PM
I AM!!
I keep having to stop reading because I get so disgusted with the characters-especially Erin.
I am hoping this will get better as I am only at the "Something Really Bad Happened" (chapter 17 of the audio book).
Catherine Steadman narrates her book and does a fantastic job - maybe that's why it gets to me so much -she really knows how to play their parts.

Well since you asked...
I agree that Ms. Steadman does an incredible job narrating but even she admitted to plotting the book in a coffee shop, then filling in the holes. Not for nothing, but just because someone is an actress does not qualify them to out of the blue write a full-length novel (1st try). And it shows. The motivation that propels the characters is either illogical or baseless (ie Why does Mark suddenly become a cold-blooded killer? So he loses his job and then he opts to off his wife.) There was no set-up of violence or history of behavior to indicate that option was part of his psych profile. And Erin opts to not turn in the jump drive to assist in catching the 'bad guys' made her appear greedy. Plus her decision to go off birth control when money was in short supply simply was too silly to believe. Do the publishers, editors, marketers of this book have such little respect for readers that they let this one out the door, figuring we'd be too enthralled that two actors (Steadman and Witherspoon) put their names and reputations behind Something in the Water to notice it is pure rubbish? I'd like an explanation, or at least, someone within the media to write an honest review that cites/addresses the concerns voiced by readers who spend money and time, two commodities in dwindling supply, for what? Ranting on Goodreads?
Thanks for the opportunity to exercise free speech. At least we still have the 1st Amendment.

Yes. Stupid woman! It was good writing though.

I could not get past how stupid Erin was. For a researcher she should have some smarts. I felt like the old mystery where they tell the heroine to stay and off they go.

Didn’t enjoy this and don’t understand why others seem to love it.

I agree - how stupid can you be?? Just the basics of tech knowledge (that's where I am in the book) - what were they thinking??

yes the whole time I was reading I kept screaming "no! why are you doing that?"

The one thing that bothered me the whole time throughout the book was that Erin considers her self a thorough researcher even brags about it several times. Yet only checks the drive at the end. Drove me nuts even though it would not have told her anything.

I also found Erin to be very frustrating and constantly thinking, "What in the world is she thinking!?" Then I discussed the book with friend who suffers from severe anxiety and sees a cognitive behavior therapist regularly and I was very surprised when she told me that Erin's character is very similar to her in terms of her irrational thinking. Often times she has irrational thoughts and has to backpedal to correct herself from doing something stupid. After this, Erin bothered me a bit less, but I wish the irrational decisions would have been scaled down or her poor decision making would have been set up with some mention of anxiety prior to the honeymoon perhaps?

gkbowood wrote: "I AM!!
I keep having to stop reading because I get so disgusted with the characters-especially Erin.
I am hoping this will get better as I am only at the "Something Really Bad Happened" (chapter 1..."
I have met Catherine Steadman at a book signing and talk and she is lovely. She is an actress too. The book is a good read but, doesn't get any better.

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