The Things you find in Rockpools (Rockpools, #1) The Things you find in Rockpools question

Sonya Sonya Jun 29, 2018 08:55PM
Throughout the book, 11 year old Billy admits that he's aware he's different. He tells stories of being bullied in school. He even mentions how a tough week at school has left him mentally/physically exhausted. This made me connect to him so strongly because I have 11 year old twins AND I teach elementary school. I have a 'Billy' in class every year - many times several.

I'm curious, did I miss something? Billy gives off a vibe of being on the autism spectrum. He's incredibly smart and highly focused on science. He isn't very social with peers, and we don't see him having very many interactions on a personal level.

I wonder, does the author paint him in this light with Asperger's on purpose, but doesn't necessarily give it a name? Or does the author want us to realize this little boy lives so much in his head - even remembering things from his very, very early life - and that his trauma has closed him off in several aspects.

Either way, I absolutely love Billy. And if the author purposefully doesn't give him a label, good for him! And maybe I shouldn't even be asking! But I can see this book connecting to many people as they read it - perhaps shining light on acceptance of others' differences.

I am sorry for anyone who hasn’t read the book and if so, “SPOILERS”

I think I have missed something but how does Stone actually know Billy’s mother, were they actually together or was that just a lie?

If someone could explain this then I would be extremely appreciative!

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