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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction: Set in South London: Guy who suffered an accident and can’t remember but is suddenly rich starts staging his memories. [s]

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Schlamaus | 2 comments I read the book in 2016: Story set in South London: a bloke wakes up from an accident that involved something falling on his head. He gets a lege monetary compensation for being quiet about what happened. The thing is he doesn’t remember anything. But he is suddenly rich and starts staging the few memories he has. He buys flats, whole blocks and employs actors to play certain roles of his memories. He gets drawn into these theatrical activities so much that he ends up organising huge restagings that get repeated again and again.

The main stages are:
- a flat which is recreated to perfection including neighbours living below or above.
- a car tire changing workshop where a certain scene is repeated
- a whole area in south London near Bermondsey where a whole area is cut off to recreate memory of his.

Thanks for your help!! I simply can’t find it anymore and it keeps bugging me.

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Ayshe | 4326 comments Remainder sounds like it?

Schlamaus | 2 comments Yes!! Thanks Ayshe. That was the book.

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