World of Trouble (The Last Policeman, #3) World of Trouble discussion

Is anyone reading The Last Policeman series?

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Cindy I really am enjoying these books! I have just started the third,and am very excited to find out what happens.

Has anyone read any of the author's other titles? Just wondering if they are as readable as this series.

Casey YES!! LOVED IT! Sorry about the yelling - I get soo excited when I find a book / series that I enjoy - boy o boy! I just finished the last page on 'World of Trouble' (third book in the series) - really good stuff. For my tastes (I am the 'science-fiction-mystery-thriller-with-a-strong-character-study' type), this was perfect.

I have not read his other titles yet - from his website, it looks like the other books he has written are not this same genre. I hoping the author is churning away at the next series so I can snatch it up soon.

If anyone out there has some recommendations for books that are similar, I am all ears.

Cindy I am waiting to get John Sandford's new one Uncaged. His pre-release email said it was about "Singularity". Technological singularity. He said to google this term and to be afraid. ok, it sounds disturbing and I hope can put this on hold at the library soon!

Fred While I'll admit we do not usually read 'serials', my wife and I read this trilogy and LOVED it.

Tiffany T Yes, I read all 3 books.

Fred Really enjoyed the series.,,and I normally stay away from serials.

Sean I read the first one for some odd reason and then waited desperately for my copy of the second one to arrive and then fretted and fumed until I could get my hands on the third one and then I wept just a little because it was all over.

Jennifer I read the first one, and then upon finishing ordered the next two. Loved this series. Loved.Loved.

Jim I have read the trilogy. It is very good. I preferred the first one. They are all exciting and thought provoking.

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