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Does the movie look better?

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Abby I read the book about a month before I say the trailer. For some reason, the trailer looked better than the book.. is that just me?

Elly,  the Martian Actually no.

I thought so at first too. I saw the movie trailer before reading the book and when the tailer said it wa based on a novel I just had to read it. even tough the book was amazing and all I still think that the movie trailer contains more details somehow.. Is it just me? (:

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Ruth Honestly, I think that the movie is deleting the bigger picture. In the book, it's not all about romance, she doesn't just think about her relationship with her boyfriend, it's her whole life and how she'll deal with life if she decides to stay. Sure, it includes romance but I think the movie is just focused on the relationship between her and her boyfriend. The book is so much more than just a love story, it's a fight to deal with living with tragedy, and the movie doesn't show that. And because of that, I think the book is so much better

Isabella Manrique I really think the trailer was great, but I gotta say no. This book was beautiful, I love the structure of which it was written; how she remembered events in her life, and her feelings OMG! It all was marvelous. I really think the book will be better. That feeling that I felt is one you can only get from a book.

Rondk I haven't seen the trailer yet, but I enjoyed the book and hopefully the movie doesn't ruin it. I feel as if every book I ever enjoy the movies decide to kill my imagination of the book haha.

Bianca Moro I wasn't really a fan of the book but when i watched the movie trailer it got me really excited, so i'm really looking forward to watching the movie :)

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