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Lenobia (House of Night) | 4 comments Our 20 jump course offers countries 20 opportunities to prove their supremacy or fall to defeat, the outcome is up to you. And now, for the rules...

Below, I posted a list of 20 clues, or sets of clues. Each set of clues relates to a single character from a well-known piece of literature. Your responsibility, as a country, is to correctly identify the 20 characters that are referenced. The team that correctly identifies the greatest number of characters in the shortest amount of time will go home with the gold medal!

When you have completed this challenge, one athlete from each country must PM me your answers. Send them cautiously, though, because you will not be able to change or alter any of your answers.

Lenobia (House of Night) | 4 comments Here are your clues:
1. My name is intangible, and I am hard to find. A thief and an insurgent; I know a month in the summer. I might even love her.

2. I have two best friends and one mortal enemy. One might say that I was brave. Oh, and I’ve killed people.

3. Named for a country that no longer exists, I must choose between safety or extreme risks. I’ve got two boys I care deeply about, one’s got my past, and one may have my future. The question is: which one gets my heart?

4. I discovered a strange fact about my parents. Because of that, I have to live with kids who have to deal with the same thing. Where we live, we learn how to fight. I am a huge fan of water.

5. With the smallest movement, I can commit murder. Perhaps, though, it might come in handy with my endeavors. I need to sort out who is a friend and who is an enemy.

6. Some might call me naive, others may say that I am imaginative. Maybe my innocence blinds me to true love and true friendship. All I want is to be a heroine.

7. I wish my dad was still alive, because than I may not be treated as a servant in a wealthy girls’ school. Did I mention that I used to attend the school?

8. Aliens are really messing with my life. Ugh, can I please post on my blog now?

9. I might look like a proper young lady, but don’t let that fool you. In my floating school, I learn skills you never will.

10. I can’t be defined. I cannot be put in a box. Will that reason be my demise?

11. Yeah, sure I’m having some issues. I’ve got like zero friends and my sister has anorexia. It scares me to death, but sometimes I have to just breathe and listen.

12. Get ready to cry, because my story is sad. No, not the story of my illness, but my story. I realize that now.

13. Yay! I was just adopted! Wait, they wanted a boy? You won’t if I can help it. Maybe I’m feisty, but I can work just as hard as any boy.

14. The world has gone techno and my dad is one of the people responsible. A boy showed me that there is more to life than what I know. Now that I realize this, I need to help the world to see what is most important.

15. I dare him and then he dares me. What if I am not ready to meet this boy who knows me so well only through pages?

16. Geez, why can’t I get this whole witch thing figured out? My dad is sooo annoying, I can believe he’s making me go to school here. I mean, I guess there is one good thing-my best friend. Even if she is a vampire. Oh, and a boy. Gotta love those warlocks.

17. Greasers are where it’s at. Soc’s are a bunch of spoiled brats. Or...are they?

18. School in Paris. Maybe there are some pros to that...Man, if only my crush didn’t have a girlfriend.

19. Vampires. They are everywhere. Literally everywhere.

20. I love him, but we cannot be together. Our tale ends in tragedy.

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