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Every Move She Makes
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance between daughter of politician/judge and the man he sentenced years prior. [s]

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Olivia Scalet (livcurious) | 5 comments I'm trying to find a book I read years ago (like it may have been published in the late 90s). She's a lawyer and her father was a judge who sentenced H as a teen, now father is in politics and they attend a picnic fundraiser. H & h have sex in her office (he tells her to leave or he'll fuck her but it's her office and she refuses to leave). Finds out alcoholic aunt is actually her biological mother and she and a friend/maid were attacked/raped when younger, chased through a field. Family dogs are poisoned/killed and she goes to H blaming him but they make up... I can almost picture the cover so it's driving me crazy.

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Ayshe | 4327 comments Every Move She Makes? The aunt thing sounds like spoiler? If so, a warning in topic's title or the description would be nice.

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Olivia Scalet (livcurious) | 5 comments Yes! Thank you!!!!!

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