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message 1: by Miss_irene (new)

Miss_irene | 29 comments hello all.

i have been trying to download apps for ebooks, am wondering which app you could best recommend ? thanks.

message 2: by Lica (new)

Lica (donotcallmelykes) | 3 comments I'm using Moon Reader ^^ and [Google books]

message 3: by Annej (new)

Annej ☕ (storieswithannej) | 1 comments The best for me is Ereader Prestigio. You can use the volume button to turn the page to the next one and its special feature is, you can have it read your ebook to you. There are lots of accents you can choose from and voices. You can listen to a male or female voice. There are also different fonts and background colors.

message 4: by kento (new)

kento (daechwita) | 40 comments Moon reader! It's very customizable and easy to use.

message 5: by Ley (new)

Ley (leysanchez) Current favorite is Moon+ Reader :)

Neil (or bleed) (kneelfranz) | 4 comments Aldiko Premium

message 7: by sitsiritsit (new)

sitsiritsit | 1 comments mine's ♡

message 8: by Shira Bea (new)

Shira Bea | 2 comments UB reader, or Media365 reader. It's the new name. That's the one I use.

message 9: by Romuelle (new)

Romuelle | 1 comments Moon Reader is the current app I'm using, and I really like it. 😊

message 10: by Maf (new)

Maf (mafmaf) | 1 comments EReader Prestigio 👌

message 11: by Miss_irene (new)

Miss_irene | 29 comments thanks for the tips.
also, do you guys buy ebooks from amazon, do you highly recommend it using local credit card in peso, i was considering the e book reader at national book store but im afraid national book store website has very limited ebooks for sale.

message 12: by Pamela (last edited Sep 15, 2018 01:34AM) (new)

Pamela (waterspout) | 8 comments I recommend Moon+ Reader for reading app. Hands down, best ebook reader there is.

As for buying ebooks, I purchase them from Google Play because most of the books I read are cheaper there than in Amazon (especially new releases). But why restrict yourself from buying in one store?

message 13: by Jinkay (new)

Jinkay  (kayjin) | 7 comments If I'm not mistaken, the e-reader at National Bookstore is a Kobo brand. That means you will need to buy books from Kobo website and not from National bookstore. Kobo is a reputable brand and you can purchase books in peso. Comparing Google Playbooks and Kobo, Google is cheaper. However, I suggest buying from Amazon because in my experience the books are still cheaper than Kobo and Google PlayBooks. I've tried buying books for my Kindle, and Amazon has their own currency conversion which is roughly around 1 dollar=54-55 pesos (at the time of my purchase 3 months ago). And Amazon has great deals, too! Before, I am using Google PlayBooks app and buying from their store, but I switched to a Kindle e-reader to protect my eyes and since then, I am buying from Amazon.

message 14: by Rox (new)

Rox An (arfern) | 2 comments The best ebook reader app for android I used is Moon+ Reader. You can tweak from sepia mode to nightmode to reduce I strain. Reading controls are also very convenient for reading. If you read more than an hour at a time, I suggest you buy an ebook reader. I suggest Kobo because it is locally available and you can see the actual device before you buy it. If you do not have issues with online purchase you can buy kindle or nook. Kindle however has its restrictions in format. I think it only allows you to open ebooks from their website or only kindle format. While Kobo and Nook has wider range of format compatibility including epub, pdf, epub3, cbr, cbz, html, png, jpg, etc. Kobo also has DRM capability. You can borrow DRM ebooks from for free.

message 15: by Karen (new)

Karen | 3 comments Aldiko Premium 🙌

message 16: by Miss_irene (new)

Miss_irene | 29 comments thanks. im thinking of buying kobo sa national book store, it's easier to buy sana sa amazon pero naisip ko pag kindle baka mahirapan ako sa repairs.

message 17: by Jaime (new)

Jaime Google play books for epub and Amazon Kindle for mobi. What's best about them is that they sync across my devices (Play books iOS<->Android, Amazon Kindle iOS<->Android<->Windows)

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