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Episode 63: Existentialist Heroes in Cormac McCarthy’s “No Country for Old Men”

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Richard Hoskins A Partially Examined Life Podcast about "No Country for Old Men."

Frances Nielsen Thanks for the link. I caught the movie again yesterday, just channel-surfing pay TV on a rainy afternoon. This book intrigues me, I keep asking myself why Moss took the money, why Chigurh has no mercy, so I'm interested in others' view of it.

Eric Smith This book was my first of McCarthy's novels and it rocked the book only slightly better than the film,it gave me alot to think about especially when sheriff Bell is thinking about his life and is disappointed that he wasnt closer to GOD. That line probaly rocked my world more than any other line in fiction i have read. I didnt want that to be my feelings in the twilight of life!

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