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If you have a plot for the rp post it here

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=== | 4167 comments idk, i made 2 new charters...
ones a goofball, and ones 2 serious, but thery r both twins XD

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I saw

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=== | 4167 comments we teleported to where u guys are, when i have time ill post my rp charries backgrounds latr

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=== | 4167 comments IT:

Life story:
born vampire, met up with shapeshifters Tei and Kesai-twins-
went to another dimension, became shapeshifter, lost memories.
met Blaze, hung out with Blaze.
Left Blaze.
Met Cherry/Nikko, stayed with them. Fought Cherrys dad.
Went 2 island, regained memories.
Meanwhial, cherryVSNikko
Nikko died, It found Cherry,
Chasin Nikko
Met up with Tei and Kesai

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=== | 4167 comments Kesai past-----

twin to tei, opisits till smone pisses him off, his features change, and he becomes stronger thab his oponent by at leaste 10 times

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=== | 4167 comments Tei is Kesais twin brother, but there shape shifters so they made it so they would look diffrent.

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=== | 4167 comments Tei, Kesai, and Cherry r eatin pizza in italy.

It killed Badger, and imoblized nikko, draco, and scourge- out of boredum, he let them go, and left.

Cherry does nt kno y it left, and it is nt goin 2tell her (unless she forces him 2))

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