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Author William Fripp (william_fripp) | 13 comments ...when Walter Cavanaugh decides to take his own life, the vessel that was his body is usurped by an ancient evil know only as the Other that has leap-frogged through time by means of reincarnation, one incarnation of evil after another, on its quest to enslave the world. Now, the warriors of an equally ancient order of time travelers called the Sojourners must unite to stop the creature masquerading as Walter Cavanaugh before it reaches Washington on its quest to murder and usurp the body of the Secretary of State and set Armageddon in motion.

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message 2: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) I'm still grappling with this 'whether I believe it or not' statement, Will. Truly audacious.

message 3: by Author William (new)

Author William Fripp (william_fripp) | 13 comments Thanks for noticing...

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