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Let's discuss Neizghání, the Monsterslayer

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Niki This is going to be
a super spoiler-y section,

I'm really trying to figure out Neizghání. I cannot tell if he is a villain or a good guy, or if he is both.

He's the traditional Good Guy with fantastic parentage and powers, and slays monsters. He takes in Maggie and 16 and trains her - for how many years, who knows (I don't think her current age is ever given). She is in love with him, but we don't find out until the end from Coyote that Neizghání loves Maggie in his own immortal way.

So on one hand:
- He's a jerk for leaving her
- He's a jerk in the arena (I can't tell if he's purposely being cruel when he acts surprised he was gone so long; then again, a year to an immortal is nothing). He also brands her, like a big jerk, and forces a cruel kiss. Definitely abusive!

But at the end, we learn Coyote orchestrated a lot of things to have Maggie kill Neizghání. And then for some reason he wants to kill Kai...but Kai isn't a monster. Is it because he is a rival for Maggie's affections? Is Neizghání just one of those abusive lovers who wants Maggie all for his own? Why kill Kai? That's what I'm confused on.

If it came down to Kai or Neizghání , I can see Maggie trapping him. But I'm still a bit lost, like, eeek, we have tons of monsters in Dinétah! Do we want to trap the immortal Monsterslayer? And then Maggie's final thoughts being that once he is released they will basically battle to the death...eek!

Okay, so thoughts. Is Neizghání a bad or good guy? Why did he want to kill Kai? Did Maggie need to trap him?

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Amy I just read this book and need some clarity as well about what I'm supposed to think about Neizghani too.

He seems abusive as hell when we finally meet him in the arena. He also gave no explanation as to why he left her but I think it is because she embraced her killing side and he felt bad for encouraging it or helping her become the killer she is? Branding her - horrible. He admitted he loves her in his own weird way but he still left. I don't think we're supposed to really like him.

Why did she have to kill Kai or Neizghani? Or rather, why does Neizghani want to kill Kai? Is Kai coming back because he can heal himself or because he's Rabbit (almost like Coyote in Navajo mythology but more clever than trickster).

Why did Maggie have to trap him? I have the same question about why did he want to kill Kai or that it was foretold that a monster slayer would kill him. I'm so glad Grandpa Tah survived and when Maggie got that hug from Grace - woo hoo.

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