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About the last line of the book
Hitesh Sharma Hitesh Aug 02, 2014 11:31AM
When I read the last line, it took me a few seconds to understand, but when it did, I had a shiver through my spine....

Pragya, I was captivated by the line "Because if its a girl then Laila had already named her." The thing is even though they both are far apart, the memory survives...and I absolutely loved the way how Khaled Hosseini framed the last paragraph... :)

You might have heard that the most important part of the story is the beginning and the end - the middle isn´t as important if the beginning and the end are striking, memorable, and captivating. When I read this book - and it indeed was a while ago so sorry if my memory is a little foggy, I read alot - the culmination of the book and the story of Laila and her lover making it to the other side of life, literally in another country, is not only a testament to love but also to the power of women. In this book, the lack of power women have is very apparent, but what I find most captivating is using that lack of power and dealing with it that makes women so resistent, strong, and ultimately powerful in their refusal to use that lack as a way to crumble. Maybe what the author is doing here, besides saying that she will name her child Mariam if it is a girl, is that he takes two generations of women and names the third (the unborn child) in a different light. The sacrifices that we make, as women, and who we are when we look to other women to support us and help us be strong, lies in what we do with that power and love. Here, we have romantic love and the love of sisterhood in the middle of violence. The author ends with a simple yet thought-provoking culmination in the idea of a new beginning for Laila. Mariam did die, as is the harsh reality of the world, but she did not die in vain, and there is also a subtle, more hopeful reality in that.

Pragya (last edited Aug 06, 2014 01:56AM ) Aug 06, 2014 01:56AM   0 votes
What about it? - "But the game involves only male names. Because, if it's a girl, Laila has already named her"

Ali Azawi Thank you Fatima!
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Danielle, I also absolutely love the idea of how the author potrayed women...who have the ability of making a change on their own.......

Danielle Thank you, I really like books that center around the lives of women, that complicate the domestic lives of women and that portray them in a light tha ...more
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