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message 1: by Nigel (last edited Jun 27, 2018 07:56PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nigel (anhonorableleech) | 9 comments So our heroes Sunbright and Knucklebones return from the second book of the trilogy- Candlemas is also here in a minor role, and we pick up almost exactly where the ending of Dangerous Games left off. Sunbright and Knuckles are traveling in search of Sunbright’s tribe, the Rengarth Barbarians. Meanwhile a “forgotten foe” (as stated by the back cover) seeks revenge on our protagonists.

Now I’d like to praise this book for having, possibly, the most focused story of the trilogy. Where the first book was awkwardly lurching from event to event, with the reader having little idea of where the story was going, and the second being a endlessly forward-driving romp towards the inevitable end of the story (with several awkward asides), Mortal Consequences maintains focus on the main goals of both the protagonists and antagonist straight through to the end.

However, this does not mean that there aren’t issues with the book. Despite the focus, there were several parts that hit a lull, and had me barely wanting to turn the page. Emery knew where he was going, but he at times goes through the doldrums to get there. I think this issue could have been fixed with some simple abbreviation at these parts, getting the reader back to the more interesting parts of the book sooner. That said, once the reader climbs out of these lulls the book is enjoyable until that next the next comes along, but it pales a little in comparison to the page turner that was the second book.

I enjoyed this book, but found that over the course of the series, I simply don’t care too much for the characters, and that in combination with the sometimes lacking pace, leaves this book with a lower score than it could have achieved otherwise. Overall, I’d say the Netheril trilogy is skippable. If you’re interested in the Fall of the Netheril, I’d actually recommend the AD&D Sourcebook Netheril: Empire of Magic and the tie-in adventure module How the Mighty Are Fallen. These two books tell the tales of the Netherese better than Emery did in his second book, albeit in less of a story and more historical or informational way than a novel.

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Alright, so that’s it.
What did y’all think about this book?
(Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you fall somewhere in between?)
Leave your comments below. I’d really like to hear your thoughts.

message 2: by Taylor (new) - added it

Taylor | 4 comments Great review as always. I will just echo your point on character development. I found that to be a real weakness in the trilogy, so many times I found myself not believing the characters would react in the ways they did.

I'll give one kudo however, I did not love or hate any action sequences throughout the trilogy, I did enjoy the final fight scene however.

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