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message 1: by Maryam., FEELS LIKE HAVING A TITLE WAR!!hMUAHHHAAA (new)

Maryam. | 533 comments Mod
((HAVE FUN!:]]]))

Aubrey =Cupcake Lover= | 96 comments Autumn sat lazily on the chair in the cafe. She was there with her brother. It was summer, and they didn't know what to do.

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Kassy was at work at the little cafe wishing her shift was over. She went to a table where a boy and girl were sitting.
"Hello, what can I get you today.' She said roboticly.

Aubrey =Cupcake Lover= | 96 comments "I'll get a coffee. Doesn't matter what type. And some fries." Oscar said smiling at the girl.

Autumn rolled her eyes, "Something to drink that has strawberries in it. If you don't have something with strawberries, then you better make something now."

((Autumn is just rude. Oscar is supposed to be nice.))

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((ok Kassy don't take lets see where this goes...))

"Look I don't need your attitude, K?" Kassy said and walked off to go get there drinks.

Aubrey =Cupcake Lover= | 96 comments ((okay.))

"Whatev." Autumn said. She put her feet up on a chair as the girl walked away. She watched as she blended a drink. Then she got an idea.

She stared at the blender, and soon the noise was so loud from it. It sounded like it was going to explode, though it wasn't.

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Kassy immediatly stopped the blender.
"Ugh..Not again." She said. she started it up again and finished making the drink, and took it and the coffe over to the table.
"Here you are." She said with a half hearted smile.

Aubrey =Cupcake Lover= | 96 comments "Thanks." Oscar said accepting the drink. "Um, and I think I ordered fries."

Autumn took the drink without saying anything. She just desperately wanted her drink. She didn't care what the girl thought about her.

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"Oh, sorry." Kassy said and went to get the fris she forgot on the counter.
"There you are." She said, "Anything else i can get you?"

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Kassy walked over to a table where a girl had just sat down.
"Can I get you anything today?" She asked

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments erin was walking down the street and noticed a help wanted sign in the window of the shop. she went in and looked around, sitting at a small table.

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"Alright, coming right up." Kassy said and went to go get the coffe. She came and passed a table with another lone girl sitting at it, before she went to take the girls order she gave the other girl her coffe.
"Here you go," She said, "Can i get you anything else?"

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments erin looked around from her seet, memorizing the layout.

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"Ok." Kassy said, but before she went to the counter she went to the table where the other girl was sitting.
"What can I get for you?" She asked

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments "oh, i'm not ordering. um, i was wondering, is that add out on the window still open?" she asked.

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"Oh yeah it is." Kassy said.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments "may i apply for the job?" she asked.

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"Yeah let me get you an aplication." Kassy said and walked off behind the counter and came out with a soda and an aplication. Kassy gave the aplication to erin and then gave the soda to Sam.

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((kk bye!))

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments "thank-you." she said, filling out the application.
she came to the part of the form where it said "age:". she bit her lip deciding what to put. she hated to lie, but, sh'de make an exception. "15." she said allowed as she rote it. for schooling, she put high school, without lying. she was 13, a homeschooler, and ahead in her studies. once she had finished filling it out, she brought it up to the counter.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments ((bback. sorry, i was at church.))

Aubrey =Cupcake Lover= | 96 comments Oscar ate his fries and drank his drink in silence.

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Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments Cris walked in with a ruff mood on her face. 'Ug, why am i even here? I just got fired! I dont think i need to take any crap from grumpy workers or spending money in generel.' But she sat down and twittled with her fingers until a waiter came.

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Katie walked in and realized the lights in the cafe were a little too dim around her table. She lightly flicked her wrist, causing the lights above her favorite table to lighten a little. She sat down quietly and began to read her novel.

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Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments 'Ug, she's taking so long.' Cris looked outside and found some birds and whisteled a little. They quickly followed, singing her favorite toon to entertain her and hopefully get the waiters atention.

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Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments The tune to 'Fourth Drink Instinct' by Cutie is What we Aim for filled the cafe.

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Kassy went over to a table where there were a bunch of birds outside the window.
"Uh...can I get you something?" She asked

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments ((what about the job application??????))

message 29: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments The second the girl walked over the singing got softer. "Yea, I'd like a..." Cris thought of the most cheep thing they have that tastes good. "a, chocolate frap and a small bowl of mint chocolate chip icecream." Cris smiled the best she could.

message 30: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments ((you guys still there?))

message 31: by Killer Queen (new)

Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) ((i is))

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

((i am. about erin just gives it to Kassy at the counter?))

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"Ok, comeing right up." Kassy said to the girl.

message 34: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments When she left the smile faded off her face. 'Ug, how am i supposed to tell Em? I know i can try to find a job before i get home... but she might get worried im out so long...'

message 35: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments 'Yes... I'll just have to do that and get the coffie really quick... but i still have to drop of the icecream to Em.'

message 36: by Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (last edited Aug 17, 2009 05:11PM) (new)

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments erin waited for kassy to return to the counter with the filled out form.
((that's what she was doing!!))

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kassy took the coffe and ice cream to the bird girl and went back to the counter where Erin was waiting.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments erin handed her the paper smiling.

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Kassy briefly looked at the paper and got a stamp from underneath the counter and stamped the paper, it had a big red 'ACCEPTED' on it and put the stamp and the paper under the counter.
"Ok when can you start?" She asked.

message 40: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments "Thanks." Cris said in a rush when she got it and ran out to bring it to Em. ((Just so everyones clear, Em is now a boy i repeat a BOY! Hes still a earth because hes got green eyes so i thought id stick with that.))

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments "well, whenever you want. i home school myself, in high school, so my scedual is pretty empty." she answered.

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"When do you want to start?"

message 43: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments Cris literally ran to the edge of the city making sure no one was watching then went into the woods and found Em. "Hey! What took you so long?" "I got you this." Cris said handing it to him faking a smile. "Mint chocolate chip! My favorite," he eyed her suspitiously. "You lost your job again didnt you?" Cris reluctently nodded.

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments "I can start right now, i have a lot of expriance in resterants and soup kichens from volenteer work." she said.

message 45: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments "Then whyed you buy me this?" Cris stared. "Ok, i know i love this but, we need all the money we can get and i dont want to rob." "Since when did you become the adult here?" "You're not a adult." "I am now! It's my Birthday, did you forget?" He eyed the ground. "Exactly, i can probably get another job." She said walking toward the city "Yea that you'll keep for a week." he mumbled. "I heard that!" she called after her.

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"Ok, put this one." Kassy said handing Erin an apron. "And you can start wiping table down."

message 47: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments Cris walked back into the cafe when she finished drinking remembering the help wanted sign. "Hey! Do you have a job open?"

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"Yeah." Kassy said.

message 49: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) | 734 comments "Ok." 'YES!' "Can i have an aplication?"

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 825 comments (( i'm guessing you ment tables.))
erin whent obediantly an wiped the tables perfectly, and quickly. she had been an efficiant kichen worker all her life, and a hard worker.

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