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The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row
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OBC  | 316 comments Mod
Hi OBC Community!

Oprah Winfrey & Anthony Ray Hinton are going LIVE! Share your thoughts and questions for an opportunity for it to be answered during the Facebook Live discussion with Oprah and the author of ‘The Sun Does Shine’. Post your questions now and tune in on Thursday June 28 at 6pm EST to see if it’s answered at www.facebook.com/OprahWinfrey. Let’s have a great discussion!

Susan (yetanothersusan) | 5 comments This is terrific! I am planning on listening to the podcast tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will have a change to hop online and post afterwards.

OBC  | 316 comments Mod
Susan wrote: "This is terrific! I am planning on listening to the podcast tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will have a change to hop online and post afterwards."

Great! Feel free to share your thoughts and questions prior to tomorrow's LIVE discussion for an opportunity to have your question answered by Oprah and the author of ‘The Sun Does Shine’, Anthony Ray Hinton.

Jeanetta Glass (n2bookz) I'm currently reading the book and I'm about at the halfway point! Will there be a book tour?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I want to grab your attention without being in trouble.
How does one do that?
I was told through wording.

As black folk: do you catch grief from the Indigenous Population?
Um, what my grandfather would have called "wild injuns" and what my father would have called "wild persons who've escaped corporate command".

My white self is kidnapped and held hostage.
It seems that financial demands where made of my family.
Do black folk have that problem or is it just us?


I myself am an open case.
I am a missing person from Kansas.

I am currently being human trafficked into the Canadian "Snuff Scene" (rape, murder, torture BDSM) by way of Mohawk Nation's "Vancouver Island" next to the USA/Canadian boarder.

The current proper authorities to contact about that location are the Royal Mounted Police or the Vancouver British Columbia, Canadian Police.

That kind of pornography has been on the internet since the 1980s on IBM servers and computers.

Their kingpin: is one of our homeless resource directors at the Sharehouse on 13th Street in Vancouver Washington, USA.

My life: is backed and insured.
I am in a death catalyst with several nuclear facilities. Some of them have been built and suicide cases from mental therapy have been put to work in such facilities.

This placement was done by a group mind of Erissonlundars/Beetniks.

My Aunt, is a Jack Kerouac fan.
My Aunt, Married into the Rockefeller Family Circle.
My Aunt, has lived next door to Martha Stewart.
My Aunt, stole the Hope Diamond, Klompan Diamond, and some ruby and put it in our safety deposit box.

Those rocks are now in a safety deposit box under a nuclear lockdown in a time vault for the next 100 years. I myself if I ever manage to escape this situation, want those rocks out so I can buy my own bank.

Do you know anyone with money who wants those rocks?
I need to sell them and go home and/or build a home.
I want the Eye of Bast for those rocks.
I want the yellow diamond that whatsher name owns.

Tori, Dori or something.
Ru Paul's friend. The ditsy white girl in 90210.

I am currently still in the USA not far from the city of Portland Oregon.
I am currently on video camera at all times.
I am currently criminally wanted in Oregon for sleeping in an assigned location at a refugee camp.
I am only able to securely communicate through the internet.

Our Authorities are all boyscouts: most of whom have been kidnapped from Loveland Colorado by scout leaders who massacred/killed their parents of Fort Collins, Berthod and Loveland in the 1970s-1980s.

These persons in authority...
are mostly "white".

They have been slave driven and abused in unspeakable ways without justice since 1890s because they are part indigenous.

Perhaps through wording which has not been used since 1860.
This is an SOS, should you read this: please contact a Mercenary and your local authority.

I am here: because most people do not read e-Content.
I am here: because most authorities do not read their e-Mails.
I am here: after having sent emails for 10 years to every last federal and local government office.
I am here: due to mass government insubordination and/or the Corona Virus having killed everyone.

Where is everyone actually?
Seriously: why are the streets of America so vacant and abandoned?
Did the biblical rapture happen?

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