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Here we go

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay so do you want to start with a general plot outline or characters or...?

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General plot line

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments So, let's decide on a genre. I can really write anything, but my personal favorite is fantasy or mystery/action contemporary.

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I like romance fantasy

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay so let's go with that. Do you want to be a boy or a girl? Any special powers you have?

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Girl and she can control the weather

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay I'll be a boy, and he can talk to the dead/ raise things from the dead

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Should they be in different countries/ continents? How do they meet? What's the world like?

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Maybe one of them rescues the other? They're in the same place at the same time? They both try to help one person or kill one person at the same time? Also, is this going to have a violent conflict, a social conflict, or some other kind of conflict?

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a social conflict. They have to protect this one person together and they don't like each other at first.

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay awesome. Is this person a girl or a boy? How are they significant and why do they have to protect them? Maybe one of us is already protecting this person with someone else and then that person is killed, prompting the other person to be recruited for the task.

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A young teen girl who is the last aire to the royal family.

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Oohh I like it. So, who was guarding her first? What's their relationship with her? What's her name?

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Hmmm. Family friends. My girl was guarding her with her bf but he dies so she needs a new partner. She doesn't like him at first cuz she feels no one could ever replace him

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay that makes sense. So, how exactly does my guy come to guard the princess with your girl? We should also probably come up with names for these guys.

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He gets dropped off at the house where they stay together and she fills him in.

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay. So this is fantasy, right? Is this supposed to resemble typical fantasy worlds like Lord of the Rings, or is it different?

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No it's different.

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay so how so? Is it like paranormal where it's people with powers in the modern day?

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Kaitlyn wrote: "Yes"

Okay awesome. So is this princess part of a royal family for a country or all magical people or just one specific group of people with powers?

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All magical people

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Does the general public know about these magical people?

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments Okay, could you describe the magical people's relationship with normal people?

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Hmmmm I need to think

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Bex (thatcrazybooknerd) | 24 comments So maybe the magical and normal people try to live together, with magical people not being citizens of the country that they are living in, but a subject of the royal family? However, the non-magical people are frequently hostile towards magical people and as a result magical people are often murdered for various reasons, including a global black market trafficking body parts of magical people/creatures, which is why our characters need to protect the princess. Maybe her family was killed be an opposing party of magical people who hate the royal family, so there could be that as well.

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I like it

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