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Chatter: Dispatches from the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping
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message 1: by Feliks, Moderator (last edited Aug 02, 2014 06:06AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 646 comments Mod
Chortle! I just crack'd myself up with this header title! nyuck nyock nyock nyock... this should be a movie!

Anyway here's the rec' I wanted to make: 'Chatter' is a disturbing FACTUAL overview of all modern eavesdropping and listening-in which goes on around the globe. Serious as a heart-attack. A must-have resource for any spy writer.

Reinforces the simple reality that spying is unfortunately never going away. There are entire networks of satellites overhead, which are designed and built to do nothing else except collect what they can from the world's airwaves and radio traffic.

You can be a sentry patrolling a chain-link fence in some remote base in Muzzahazakirifiriland and if you use your walkie-talkie to check in with your base just 3/4 of a mile away; it can be picked-up. Astounding.

message 2: by Doubledf99.99 (new)

Doubledf99.99 | 123 comments When I was in the boy scouts had a merit badge for Semaphore. almost need to go back to that...

message 3: by Cphe (new)

Cphe | 9 comments There's been a bit in the news over here lately with the use of drones invading peoples privacy.

Who is using them and what the info they are collecting is used for.

message 4: by Feliks, Moderator (new) - rated it 1 star

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 646 comments Mod
The filthy scumbags. What do they care? They'll never tell us.

message 5: by Gideon (last edited Dec 19, 2014 08:00AM) (new)

Gideon Asche (gideonasche) | 21 comments Privacy is an illusion.

But the pace of technological advances has actually put bottlenecks in to the process, The Soviets had the same problem in the 70’s and 80’s… TOO MUCH information is available.

With the abundance of data available,
it requires immense resources to sort through it and gather anything actionable. As for drones, shoot them down. Tell the judge you believed it was the pervert down the street trying to get video of your kids.

Jinnik by Gideon D. Asche

Nooilforpacifists (nooil4pacifists) | 20 comments Europe's already pretty much banned photography, much less drones with cameras:

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