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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments Here it is

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Name: Layla
Age: 15

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments I'm working on mine

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments Name: Max Silker
Age: 27

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Do you want post first?

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments You can

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Layla ran quickly to her new school because as always she was late. She had to move to this school of her parents job. She didn't mind much her last school had way to much drama for her taste. She headed to the office to get her schedule. She as told to go tot he principal to get it. She lifted her hand to knock on the door and waited for it to open.

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((he is supposed to be the principal not a student))

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments (Let me change EVERYTHING)

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((sorry I didn't see it til now))

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments Max was in his office as usuall and had paper work to finish. He was exided for the new student. He heard someone that knocked on his door. He got up and open the door

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Layla looked and saw the principal infront of her. She was lost for words but shook it out off quickly, "Um Hi I was wondering if I could get my schedule for my classes. I start today and they told me to come to you"

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments "Oh yes. You are the new student." He said and walked back to his desk. He gave her an pice of paper. "Here you go." He said

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Louise  (louiseem) | 16866 comments (

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