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message 1: by Candace (new)

Candace Wondrak | 2 comments Hello, fellow readers and writers! I need a few partners for two books. One is a Reverse Harem Ya/Na fantasy (slow burn) and the other is a regular fantasy dealing with witchcraft and forbidden love.

The RH is around 60K words and the pure fantasy is around 100K words, to give ideas of length.

If anyone is intrigued, you can either comment here or DM me for more details! Thank you!

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 80 comments Hi Candace,
I would love to swap with you on either story if I can get feedback for a short horror/ dark fantasy story I'm working on. It's about 3200 words, here's the synopsis:

A young woman is haunted by the ghost of the woman who hurt her while another victim targets someone she loves.

I'd like to know stuff like if you think it works as a horror or dark fantasy, if it kept you interested, if it bored you, how the pacing was, what you thought of the writing style and word flow and if you have any questions about anything you didn't get. Also feel free to point out any plot holes or errors in logic and things like that as well as anything from the beta reading checklist posted in this forum that you feel would help. If you're interested let me know :)

message 3: by Rose (new)

Rose | 22 comments Hi,
I would be happy to read one or both of your works if you are able to read my MS. It is currently 143K words, but I am working on cutting that down. Here is my blurb, PM me if you're interested.

In the midst of the steam-powered invasion of Lucas’s homeland he wants nothing more than to be a hero. Unfortunately, he is trapped in his occupied hometown with no way to join the Resistance. Then he meets Aimara, a seemingly helpless girl traveling on her own. Lucas is more than ready to be her hero as he follows her out of town, only to discover that the damsel is not always in distress.
After witnessing Aimara single handedly wipe out an entire Imperial patrol, Lucas joins her on her way to join the Resistance. There he meets the charismatic Kel and must come to terms with his sexuality as he finds himself immediately attracted to the older man. Lucas must learn who he is, what he wants out of life and why he is fighting in the first place if he wants to become the hero the Resistance needs.

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