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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy/Fiction (not YA) book: Talking Dog, Maybe a guy with a peach for a head on the cover. [s]

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Kelsey (kelsey713) | 8 comments I am looking for a fantasy book that I found in the fiction section of my library years ago. I may have read it anywhere between 2004-2007, but it was not a new book. I cannot remember the name of the author but I know that it was written by a male. The book had a Neil Gaiman feel to it.

Here is all that I remember, in the beginning of the book the main character recounts how he got his dog. He and his fiancee(or maybe it was just his fiancee) went to the pound and asked for the dog that had been there the longest. He is a really old and ugly dog but they take him home and love him. Later in the book it is revealed that the dog can talk, I don't know why or how, but it's important to note that this isn't a major plot point. It's just something in a series of weird things that happen in the book. He also goes to a town where the residents are characters written by someone he knows that died. I can't remember if it was his fiancee or his dad. I think it was his dad. There may have been a man with a peach for a head on the cover of this book.

I know for a fact that this author had multiple books but that they were stand alone books and not a series. I read a few of his books, so there is a chance that the two things I wrote about were from two different books of his. But I KNOW it's the same author.

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Kelsey (kelsey713) | 8 comments THIS IS IT! THIS IS ONE OF THE BOOKS! The other was The Land of Laughs and I remembered it suuuuper wrong. I AM OVER THE MOON THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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