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終末のハーレム 3 [Shuumatsu no Harem 3] (World's End Harem, #3)
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Dominique "Eerie" Sobieska (illiad) | 219 comments Mod
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종말의 하렘
Shuumatsu no Harem

Written by
Link, Kotarou Shouno

Shounen, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Mature, Romance, Sci-fi

Total Volumes (4 ongoing)

Original Run
2016 - present

Is there an anime version?

It is the near future. After a young man woke up from a deep sleep for his sclerosis, the world completely changed.

message 2: by Dominique "Eerie" (last edited Feb 26, 2019 09:09PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Dominique "Eerie" Sobieska (illiad) | 219 comments Mod
Overall Rating: -5/10

Ever read The Goslings? This is basically the manga version. With a side of hentai.

A few years back, I saw this manga and read the few chapters that were published and just forgot about it. Years later, I recognized it in the features popular manga section. Excited, I went to read thinking I had found something I had enjoyed but forgotten years ago. Now, I wish I had completely forgotten or never even read it in the first place.

The male population is nearly none existent due to a sickness only affecting the XY sex including stored semen (I don't even know how those ones contracted the disease but whatever). So a few select men were placed in hibernation including the protagonist of the series (although for him it was due to a fatal disease in which they could cure him in the future). If only the plot made a bit more sense but from the looks of it, people aren't reading this for the plot but for the bodacious curvy women with giant jello cups for breasts and sex crazed libidos borderline sexual rapy predators **cringe** I rather spare myself from writing more as it is truly cringe worthy and although I love fan service, this plain just **excuse me I must vomit a bit** me...

Do I recommend it:
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Hard pass, get it?

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