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okay, so ideas?

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hmm... how about human/werewolf

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could i be the girl and the human?

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Name: Katherine Hicks
Age: 19
Gender: F

Species: Human

Family:Dad, younger sister(Emily

Personality:stubborn, nice, caring,funny

Other: She's not really scared of anything but thunderstorms.

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Kathrine was going for her usual run, running along the outside tree line of the woods.

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((Yeah that would work.. from what though? Another werewolf?))

She kept on running. She stopped for a second to take a breath and she heard some crunching of leaves and looked around.

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((Let's do vampire))

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((Yeah I will))

She looked around her and shrugged and began to walk. She heard the noise again and looked around and saw nothing.

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She stood there and all of a sudden someone walked out from the tree line. He walked straight towards, smirking with fangs showing. Katherine looked at him confused and walked backwards. The guy quickly grabbed her. She pulled away and started to run into the woods.

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She kept on running until she tripped over something. The vampire jumped on her, holding her down. She struggled. "Let me go!! You freak!!" She yelled and tried to get him off but he was way stronger then her.

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Katherines eyes widen as she backed up against a tree. She said nothing more.

The vampire showed his teeth and made a hissing noise. It jumped at Alcove, thrashing at him and trying to hit him.

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Katherine gasped and looked away. She doesnt handle blood so well. She looked at the dead vampire on the ground then at the wolf.

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Katherine nodded. " Oh yeah. Im perfectly fine." She stood up and wiped of hee leggings. "What exactly are you?" She asked him.

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She nodded. "Oh okay." She looked around awkwardly. " oh thanks by the way."

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" Im Katherine, but most people just call me Kat." She shrugged and looked back at him with a smile.

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She nodded. "Sure. If you really want to. I should be just fine alone." She shrugged.

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"okay, fine." She said and started to walk out of the woods and towards her house.

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Ketherine just kept walking. well this is awkward she thought.

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Katherine glanced at him, noticinghe had his shirt back onbnow. dang. I liked him with his shirt off better. she looked away before he could notice shewas starig. "my house isnt too far from here. about another block."

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