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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Fantasy book with some people having powers of knowing the future but forgetting the past /s

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message 1: by Chrismichaels (last edited Aug 01, 2014 07:30PM) (new)

Chrismichaels | 3 comments I read this book about 20 yrs ago. But over the past several years, I've been trying to remember this fantasy series.

If I remember correctly, it was a series of 2 books (though I could be wrong).

There were people with special powers. There were a few powers. The only one that I can remember was that there were some folks who could only "remember" the future and they "forgot" the past. The way that they would "remember" the past (and thereby know how to interpret what is going on to them in the present) is that they would constantly write in their journals everything that was happening to them that day, and each morning they would read the journal. That way, they can remember the future of them reading the contents of the journals and thereby "remembering" what happened to them in the past.

Another one of the powers was an ability to control everyone else who had powers.

I also seem to recall the people with powers were referred to "something"-suffix, where the suffix was the same for everyone, and the "something" referred to the power.

Please help me remember this series. I've wanted to reread it for a long time.


message 2: by Michele (new)

Michele | 2357 comments This sounds really interesting. Hope someone can solve it.

So 20 yrs ago, that would be around 1990-1995. Do you recall if it was a new book at the time or an older one? What makes you think it was a two-book series -- like, do you remember a cliffhanger ending for the first book or something? Anything about the people -- were they human, mutated human, alien? Anything about the setting -- was it set on Earth, on a future Earth, on another world? Did absolutely everyone keep these journals, or were there some people who didn't and so always forgot everything? Anything about the cover(s), or about the length of the book(s) (think, medium, epic)? Was it YA or aimed at adults?

message 3: by Chrismichaels (new)

Chrismichaels | 3 comments I cannot remember if it was a new book as I got it out of the library.

It was on an earth-like world, but at a time without "modern technology" where horses were the primary conveyance.

The people were human, with a very small percentage of people with these powers. They were shunned socially or tried to be taken advantage of (like the people who could tell the future). Only the people who could tell the future kept the journals; it was their way of getting through life without a memory to recall the past. Those future-rememberers (so to speak) who didn't record journals were easily taken advantage of and risked changing the future and thereby their "memory" of the future would be inaccurate leading to insanity and often suicide.

The other people with the other powers had different things they would do to get through society (including isolating themselves from the normal folks).

I think (?) it was a 2 book series because at the time I seem to recall thinking it was odd it was only 2 books and not a trilogy. Though, it's possible the author has written more in the 2 decades since.

I don't think it was a YA book, as until Harry Potter, I don't think I've read a YA book even when I was a YA. Lol

If it helps, I think the protagonist was a female.

Thanks! I really do hope someone recognizes this or has better Search skills than I have, as I've tried lots if times, lots of ways.

message 4: by caracal-eyes (new)

caracal-eyes | 134 comments The Cursed has people who can remember the future but not the past, a female protagonist, and was published in 1995. But it's not a series/duology. It doesn't quite seem to match, but I can't be sure since I haven't actually read it--just found it on TvTropes.org under the 'Merlin Sickness' trope, and it's the best I can come up with for now.

message 5: by Chrismichaels (new)

Chrismichaels | 3 comments That's it! Holy Moses! Thanks. :)

Sorry about saying it was a 2-book series. I honestly thought it was. Clearly, I mixed it up with another series in my mind.

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