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message 1: by R.G. (new)

R.G. Belsky | 51 comments At a New York City newspaper where I worked, an editor once told a very famous and successful columnist: "I took the cliches out of your copy." The columnist replied: "Well, put them back in...the cliches are there for a reason." I agree that cliches are not always bad.

message 2: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Marshall (goodreadscomkellymarshall) Sometimes they say exactly what we need them to.

message 3: by M.L. (new)

M.L. Doyle (mldoyle) | 8 comments I'm not afraid to use cliches in dialogue...I think that's how people speak, but I do try not to use them anywhere else.

But I like the cliche challenge! Blond bombshell...blond with a figure that made men speechless. A perfect example of how not using the cliche makes the description less concise.

How about - all hell broke loose. (I've actually seen this one used and it made me laugh).

message 4: by R.G. (new)

R.G. Belsky | 51 comments People talk a lot in cliches. So why not use them in writing too? They help capture the feel of a lot of real life conversations in a novel...The Kennedy Connection: A Gil Malloy Novel

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