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Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7146 comments Not sure what you're asking. As a source for material?

I removed the URL in the first because it does not comply with the policy that it needs to provide additional information not on GR. Rivka has said just because an ebook doesn't have an ISBN doesn't mean it wasn't - at one time - published separately.

This field is for entering a URL officially associated with that book, such as a page on an author's site for the book. It may also be an author or publisher's website for the book, if it contains additional information or resources not on Goodreads.

Fan sites, libraries, Amazon book pages, WorldCat, Library of Congress, reviews, book sellers, Wiki pages or other such pages should NOT be listed.

Tor Books is a publisher, so can be used for information. I removed the URLs because they no longer work.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7146 comments Corinne wrote: "I guess my question who is Dorothy J. Heydt? Notice how she puts her name on the cover and offers a version of the book in that link. "

The author on that book is a pseudonym.

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Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7146 comments Corinne wrote: "msg 2 still looks weird. Is an author photo the cover of a book, is the website logo a cover for a book. And who decides how many pages a html book is? Should they at least be merged so one edition..."

Yeah, I have questions about that cover and merging, too. But deleting/merging for that is beyond my pay grade.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7146 comments Corinne wrote: "lol *snort*
turns in my PI badge"

Some days I'm definitely the dullard in the group.

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Sandra | 26892 comments LOL

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7146 comments Corinne wrote: "oh thanks Sandra



Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7146 comments Corinne wrote: "

SS from magazine but idk if this magazine is considered a literary magazine.

Only spot this ss was published so no merge target.
I se..."

That was a magazine without an ISBN/ASIN, so cannot be added. This story, if it has no target, will have to be deleted. You can post in the supers thread, as it has 2 adds.

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