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litandcoffee | 4 comments Hello everyone! I'm open to books for reviews on my blog. I also post on amazon US and goodreads. I'm a versatile reader and read everything except horror, erotica, non fiction, self help (might consider the last two). You can write to me directly at or contact me through my blog.

message 2: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Hopson | 3 comments Hello there! I have not done a good job of reaching out to book bloggers, and this is to my peril. Might you consider helping me save my soul? I would like to get my novel Nefarious reviewed by fresh, cool bookies like you. The description and a link to the book is below. Hopping to work together soon! Happy to send a copy via print, kindle or PDF or any images you’d need.

Antonio J.

NEFARIOUS: A sailing vessel lives up to its name. Phenom Robin Mac Bradaigh, aka "Mac," a young, fiery, unapologetic sailor takes on a fleet of scoundrels. Problem is, she's a scoundrel herself. A handbook of human drama and competition. Max Rigby falls for Mac, the pit-girl from S/V Nefarious, a sailing vessel that lives up to its name. The woman who has awakened his heart is the fleet's most fierce sailor, but Nefarious carries a dark reputation, and Max soon finds himself caught up in a sailing race that is as dangerous as it is thrilling.

Print $11.50 Kindle $4.99. Audible 1 Credit or free
Book link here:

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