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message 1: by Chibiangle (new)

Chibiangle | 7 comments Hello! I'm rather new to adding books here, so I apologize for all the mistakes I've made. I have added a few books to a series of graphic novels called "Utopi magasin", and they are:

Utopi magasin 5. The art here ended up the wrong side up (I have no idea why, it's the right way up on my laptop). I have a link to a better scanned copy of my copy of the book here.

Utopi magasin 6. Art also wrong side up, link to cover here.

Utopi magasin 7. Art is the wrong side up, link to cover here. It also turns out that the ISBN printed on the cover is wrong. According to other book sites the correct ISBN is 9789186509224.

Utopi magasin 8.

Utopi magasin 9. The art failed to upload here, link to cover here.

Utopi magasin 10_11

Utopi magasin 12.

There also seems to be two different uploads of "Utopi magasin #1" (this one and this one).

message 2: by ✨Skye✨ (new)

✨Skye✨ | 28 comments I have added the books mentioned to the series, but will leave the cover work and other issues to a more experienced librarian :)

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