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Terri Wallace (gingerlovinmind) | 4 comments Title: Outcasts and Oddities: A Collection of Stories
Author: Terri Wallace
Publication Date: July 12, 2014
Print Length: 61 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

A collection of horror stories from Southern Gothic/horror writer Terri Wallace. This collection includes both flash fiction and longer works which focus on the outcasts of life. "The Collector" and "Counting Crows," as well as six other previously unpublished stories, including:

"Counting Crows" follows sixteen year old Cleo Martire who is exiled to live with her less-than-normal aunt after being caught in a compromising situation. Cleo quickly discovers that her eccentric aunt is the least of her concerns and that the only thing more dangerous than big city sins are small town temptations.

"Wreckage" is a peek into the horror that befalls the victim of a car wreck when she discovers that her savior doesn't live up to her expectations.

"The Remainder" reminds readers that there are worse things than death...such as the horror which manifests when Death abandons us.

"The Specimen" juxtaposes science and mythology with the thirst for knowledge and the unquenchable desire for fame.

"The Collector" is a blend of Southern Gothic and paranormal horror--a bit like what you might find if Stephen King and Flannery O'Connor had a love child. When ten year old Junie Rae Campbell wakes up in the parking lot of a seedy motel, and her mother is found dead inside, she has no choice but to go with the social worker who comes to collect her and take her to the tiny, sun-baked Oklahoma town of Crankston’s Landing to live with Granny Enid. But when lies and lechery threaten Junie and the people she has latched onto, secrets are exposed, untapped abilities reemerge…Junie Rae learns that a safe life comes at a very high price.


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Terri Wallace (gingerlovinmind) | 4 comments I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate all you do! (Insert big virtual hug here.)

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