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message 1: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Ever since someone mentioned that a character in Northanger Abbey was reading The Mysteries of Udolpho, I have been thinking that an interesting personal challenge (maybe for 2015) would be to focus on reading books mentioned by characters in other books.

I have so far a short list of titles or authors. I wonder if anyone would be willing to help by posting any appropriate titles/authors and the book in which they were mentioned?

This is my list so far.

In Northanger Abbey
The Mysteries of Udolpho
The Italian

In Letters from Skye
Three Weeks

In Serafim and Claire
"banned" authors - Trotsky, Balzac, Huxley, Descartes, Flaubert, Hugo

In The House I Loved
Books - The Barber of Paris, L'ami Fritz, The Black Tulip, Colonel Chabert, Madame Bovary
Authors - Balzac, Dumas, Paul de Kock, Chatriand(?), Flaubert, Plato, Eugène Sue, Daudet, Dezobry, Baudelaire, Zola

In Arthur & George
The Rifle Rangers
The Young Voyageurs
The War Trail
The Headless Horseman
The Scalp Hunters

Any help will be appreciated. :-) Thanks!

message 2: by Camille (new)

Camille (camillesbookishadventures) | 812 comments It's a brilliant idea!

The French author you are unsure about is Chateaubriand.

message 3: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Thanks, Iasa and Camille. Conventional wisdom -- many hands make light work!

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