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Title: Tales of Engines & Demons
Author: Matt Parker
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Pages Count: 300
Formats Available: MOBI, EPUB, PDF
Review Due Date: July 12

Book Description: A story is never a single tale.

Templar Sorath Rourke has spent his life hunting down the demonic relics of an old war, and is no stranger to death, but he is starting to believe that his latest assignment will be the one that finally kills him. Sent to the besieged city of New Broker by the secretive Guild of Engineers, he discovers evidence of a deadly creation that threatens the safety of his homeland, and his own mortality is suddenly the least of his worries.

Meanwhile, Yosh Morrina, accomplished thief and fraudster, leaves the wealth and technology of the capital behind him to journey beneath a desert’s rising sands in search of his lost love. Despite the fragments of nightmare that plague his sleep, he has no idea just how deadly his search has already become.

The safety of the world rests on the actions of Rourke and Morrina. One of them is guided by duty and honour, the other by greed and love, but as they seek the fulfilment of their ambitions both of them will come to realise that they are not the men they believe themselves to be.

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Natalie (nem02)
Mobi please

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Lisa Marie PDF or EPub

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