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message 1: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 510 comments How many challenges do you typically participate in at any given time? What is the right number for you? What do you like best about doing challenges?

I am currently in four challenges, and I feel that anywhere from 3-6 is a good number for me. What I like best is that it gives me an interesting way to choose what to read next from the huge assortment I have on my TBR shelves. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a challenge!

message 2: by Barb (new)

Barb | 1163 comments Like you, I like that challenges give me an interesting, maybe even purposeful way to choose what to read next. Unlike you, I have far more than four active challenges going right now. At last count, I think I was right around 50. If my total gets much higher than 50, I start to get really nervous, even though more than half of them are open-ended challenges without deadlines.

I'm trying to finish some of those that have only two or three books left to read soon, because I know I'll be adding more to my list in the next week or so when the new round of challenges are posted in my groups : )

message 3: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
I'm in a lot of challenges. I am not as bad as I was a few years ago. I got myself so stressed out by trying to do too many. I quit for about 6 months.

Of course, I have to do my own challenges! And I do some in Barb's group and a few other groups. I found that if I am in too many groups, the temptation is there....

I am more selective with which challenges I join now. In 2018, I have a bunch of challenges that I read a book or two each month, so it looks like I have a lot going on when I look at my list.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I used to join a lot of challenges when I first came here, but now I'm a lot more selective.

I usually have about 20 active challenges, but a lot of them are without a deadline, and I really like this interactive ones where I can jump in when I have something that fits

message 5: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
A suggestion: Always join the Goodreads Challenge. It will keep track of books you've read each year.

message 6: by Joann (new)

Joann | 1300 comments Yes, I'm an addict. It helps me decide what to read next since my TBR is huge. I probably have about 50 on the go right now.

message 7: by Kat (new)

Kat I discovered Overdrive and Goodreads Challenge groups late last year. At that point I was reading/listening to over 20 books per month. I joined many different groups and many challenges. I created my own group to keep track of everything. It got a bit overwhelming but I can't bring myself to just stop. I'm close to finishing some of the yearly/no time limit challenges then I'll quit some of the other groups. This one is my favorite :-)

message 8: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
Thanks Kat!

message 9: by Sam (new)

Sam | 401 comments I must confess that I am a challenge addict. I am in 12 challenge groups, though I am more active in some than others. I have 250 active challenges going on. I have begun limiting what challenges I sign up for to just the ones I really enjoy. I am more spell it out than task based. I don't mind finding something in the publication date, author's name, title or page count, but I really dislike cover challenges, finding words within the story or finding certain character types or scenes within the story. And the challenges I sign up for now reflect this. I still love doing challenges but I don't read as much in the summer and am starting to get behind, which I find frustrating.

message 10: by Marla (new)

 Marla | 1633 comments I also use challenges to help me focus my reading. I usually have somewhere between 30-50 challenges in progress. I find challenges from about 10 different challenge groups. I get stressed when I get over 40 challenges and it takes forever to update all those challenges. I tried to cut back...yup, I'm at 35 before the 4 new LC challenges I added today. *hangs head grinning*

message 11: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
I had to cut back on mine when I became the sole mod here.

I know what you mean, Marla!!

message 12: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 510 comments Wow! I am super impressed with the dedication of you mega-challengers!

message 13: by Connie N. (new)

Connie N. | 3490 comments LOL, you shouldn't be impressed, Shanna. We just have no willpower!

message 14: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
Haha, that's the truth!

message 15: by SANDYE (new)

SANDYE (sandye_c) | 1219 comments I have 47 active challenges right now. There will be more once the November monthly challenges are posted!!

My favorites are the spell out challenges, the monthly Scattegories challenege, and the Scavenger Hunt challenges!

message 16: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
We have genre challenges in the quarterly folder, if you prefer a certain one. We will be posting the new challenges for November soon.

message 17: by Helen (last edited Oct 25, 2019 11:31PM) (new)

Helen | 1051 comments The Broken wrote: "I am in none at the moment as I am new to joining in with challenges. Has anyone got any recommendations?"

I am only in two: this group and the Seasonal Reading Challenge. I like this one best because of the friendly Moderators & the relaxed aspect of it. The Seasonal one is more competitive with others and requires a lot of reading!--but it's fun if you want a real challenge!! I noticed the Around the World in 80 Books, one that would be good if you are really into international books. (You can do it in a relaxed way here in Travel the World--in "You Set the Pace") My favorites are the visual ones (US & World maps included) and the conceptual ones, based on plots, like The A to Z of Me and Opposites Attract!

message 18: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
When I write a challenge I figure that some members can only read a book a month - maybe 2. So I make the duration to figure that in. Some members read a book a day so they can finish faster.

I think that some groups forget that not everyone has the same amount of time to read. I only "enforce" the durations for the monthly challenges. If you are in -let's say a 6 month challenge and you only have 1 or 2 to read I'm not going to say, you're out of time. Go ahead finish and get your badge because you've earned it.

We really try to have a mix of challenges here also. Don't forget to look at the Challenge Directory, where we keep track of the current challenges. Which reminds me I forgot to add the Harry Potter challenge I posted the other day!! (smacks forehead!!) LOL

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Helen wrote: "The Broken wrote: "I am in none at the moment as I am new to joining in with challenges. Has anyone got any recommendations?"

I am only in two: this group and the Seasonal Reading Challenge. I lik..."

I had a look into this Seasonal Reading Challenge and the tasks looked nice, but the list is very long and I couldn't find a place to post my challenge so I left it alone, lol

message 20: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1239 comments I'm currently signed up for 30 challenges here. It's kinda like a hydra - I finish one challenge and end up signing up for 2 more... But it's low stress and fun - more like bingo then a to-do list which makes it a game and if I don't hit my target, oh well.

message 21: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod

message 22: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
The Broken wrote: "Today, I am going through the group to see what challenges to join in. I want a challenge where I can get use to book challenges so I can be in plenty more in 2020!"

Start with a monthly challenge -
Stand Alone or Musical Band of the Month: U2- one will do it

November 2019 Monthly - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade *You only have to read 2 books to earn a badge.

message 23: by JoAnne (new)

JoAnne | 44000 comments Mod
I forgot to say the U2 challenge runs until Nov 14th and then on the 15th a new one will begin.

Also depending on what you like to read, you may find a genre challenge in the Quarterly Challenges. They run for 3 months after your start date and you need to read 3 to earn a badge.

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