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Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments The chapter opens with Mrs Bennet hounding her husband for any possible descriptions of Bingley.

Bingley repays his visit to the Bennets and then there is the ball, where we see Bingley and some of his guests, including the well known Mr Darcy.

At first everyone there thinks Darcy is more handsome then Bingley, but then after a while, they find that only gets you so far in life and while Bingley is the life of the party and a joy to be around, Darcy is a snobbish grump. Go figure.

Bingley is dancing with Jane Bennet and is pretty much smitten from the get go (everybody go “awwwwh”), and he tries to get Darcy to dance with Elizabeth, where he says the well known line of “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me; and I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men” (Within earshot too- What a cheek!). Elizabeth decides to spread this story to her friends because she finds it amusing.

Her mother is not happy. (Probably her poor nerves...)

Favourite Quotes:-

“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love”

is this anyone's favourite scene? I know it tends to come up when people discuss the movies/dramas... (I'll obviously let you know when we get to my favourite scene haha)

What were your initial impressions of Bingley and Darcy?

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NE | 16 comments Funny how lots of money initially meant that both Bingley & Darcy were equally amiable and handsome until each opened their mouth! Instantly "fell in love" with Mr. Bingley, his personality, sociability & his blooming adoration for Jane. Disliked Mr. Darcy & admired Lizzy for never letting Darcy's bad attitude taint her self image.

Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments i imagine if it had been one of the younger sisters, Darcy's comment would really have hurt them

Alicia (A Kernel of Nonsense) (akernelofnonsense) | 54 comments One of my favorite things about Lizzy is how little she is affected by other's opinions of her. Goodness, every time I read this book, I just fall more in love with it.

Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments She is definitely one of the most constant female characters of the classics, very solid- flawed, but solidly written.

Jenny (genevieveholpepper) | 7 comments The first time I read this I really disliked Darcy. Maybe it's because I know what's coming but this time I feel more favourably towards him. I still love Mr Bingley though. I have a real literary crush in him! It's lovely to revisit his first meeting with Jane and just watch their blossoming romance. They are a really cute couple!

Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments Jane and Bingley have to be my second OTP in this book. Every time there is a scene with them, I pretty much spend it going "d'aaaaaaawwh". They're both so sweet.

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Rebekah (bekabeebooks) | 8 comments Darcy does come across terribly in this scene! Reading it just now though, I kind of can't help but think that he was probably a total introvert forced out of his comfort zone at a party where he doesn't know anyone. No excuse for insulting Lizzie, but I quite like the idea of him being rude to cover his own social awkwardness/discomfort. Thoughts?

Andie (thebookheap) | 208 comments Yeah pretty much. I think he just really didn't want to be there in the first place and is a bit grumpy because of it ;3

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