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Spring Snow (The Sea of Fertility, #1)
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May 2018 > Spring Snow - Yukio Mishima

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message 1: by Relaxingreader, Sayori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Relaxingreader | 75 comments Mod
This discussion is intended for talking about Spring Snow only. This discussion can contain spoilers. You can buy the book here (PewDiePie amazon affiliate link).

message 2: by Relaxingreader, Sayori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Relaxingreader | 75 comments Mod
I can say without a doubt that I would have never read this book if it hadn't been for Felix's recommendation. The book is usually described as one based around history, drama and romance. Although I don't mind these genres individually (or in combination with other genres), I never tend to read books that focus on these genres. Spring Snow follows the life of a young man named Kiyoaki, who after having kept a girl named Satoko at a distance for years, now finds himself falling in love with her right when there is no way for them to be together. Although some of the decisions made by Kiyoaki were incredibly frustrating to me, I found myself really enjoying this book. The main characters have very strong distinct personalities, which made me keep thinking about the book even after I had put it down. I am not sure how this book is connected to it's sequel (Runaway Horses), but the ending of this book is reason enough to read the second one as well. I definitely recommend reading this book, maybe more so if you don't usually read books like this.

Julie | 6 comments Adding a comment here even though I’m unsure if this group is still used!

I just finished Spring Snow. I too downloaded it when Felix mentioned it but only had some leisure time to read it over Christmas. However the story really took hold with me and I’ve started taking my Kindle on the train to work just so that I could finish the story. From that point of view, I’m quite grateful that a PewDiePie video has reawakened my love of reading.

Spoilers from here onwards: I’m a reader of romantic classics (Austen, Brontë etc.) so this was a genre I’m familiar with, although I’ve never read any Japanese literature. I also was frustrated in parts. Especially early on where Kiyoaki is adamant that he has no feelings for Satoko, and the section where Kyoaki’s father challenged him on his feelings for Satoko and he lets the opportunity pass. However I think both of these are quite true representations of reality so I could enjoy the writing.

I was unsure though of the purpose of the Siamese Princes. I enjoyed their time together at the holiday home, however I felt disappointed that their story ended so abruptly with the death of the sister and Kiyoaki seemed to do little reflection on his time with them. I am also intrigued to know what befell Tadeshina, and the parents, and Satoko herself, as I found it difficult to believe she would commit herself completely to the life of a nun. I gave it a 4/5 for these reasons. Maybe I would find more satisfaction from the story by reading the sequels.

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Relaxingreader | 75 comments Mod
Hello Julie! It has been a while since I read this book, so reading your comment really brought back some fond memories. This group is not as active as we might like, but we do have a handful of people, like yourself, that will share their opinions on some of the books they have read.

The princes were an interesting part of the book, that to me almost felt like someone I could more easily identify myself with, because the Japanese culture was foreign and complicated to them, as much as it is for me. I have not yet read the sequels myself, but have Runaway Horses waiting for me on my shelf. I hope I will get to it this year, maybe we can talk about it when we have both read it?

Julie | 6 comments Hey! That’s a good idea! I just finished reading another book today, it was a modern book and written and set where I live, so I think jumping back to Japan would be nice!

I quite like your take on the Princes, I hadn’t thought of that but it was really relatable. I really liked how they interacted with each other and acted like teenage boys but also had this serious air about them. I was disappointed that losing the ring didn’t have more significance. I expected it to be returned to later in the book. And I expected their friendship to be relied upon, since so much groundwork had been laid into building it up.

I’ve downloaded Runaway Horses just now. That will be my new book for commuting now. I think I’ll use this group as a place for suggestions for books to read and will leave comments even if there’s not much activity. Even just from a selfish perspective I’m trying to find places to discuss the books I’m reading, or at least write reviews because I find I tend to read a book and then not really consider it much once it’s finished. But also it’s cool to see what other people make of things so is nice to know someone else will be reading it 😊

message 6: by Relaxingreader, Sayori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Relaxingreader | 75 comments Mod
Although I am excited about your enthusiasm, I have to stress the fact that I am planning on reading Runaway Horses sometime this year, but definitely not within the next month.

That said, I've been using this group in much the same way as you describe; leaving thoughts and opinions in a place where someone might enjoy them or reply to them in the future. I am glad to hear we can expect more comments like these from you!

Julie | 6 comments No worries! I’m going to make a start on it and once I’m finished I’ll post some thoughts and maybe by then you’ll be feeling like starting it and it might give you a nudge towards reading it! I’m just pleased to find a group that’s even somewhat active where I can post bits and bobs.

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