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It does indeed make sense and I'm sorry you've gotten in this epiphany! I will try to help you and although knowing her favorite genres would be a lot of help, I think we can work this out. Let's see... I love to write but my weakness is plotting. How does something like this sound?

A young man is minding his own business, in a friendly small town with plenty of buddies. Something sets him off--maybe an argument with his parents and he makes a wish that he can create a world of his own without stress, other people and his parents yelling at him for being a wild child. The next morning he wakes up in a mossy field, broken and rusted metal objects like plane blades and wheelbarrows are hidden under the field of moss. Was this what his mind had been like? He tries to find his way out of the neverending globe, lost in his mind. When reaching a river during the night, he meets a young woman his age. She helps him learn about this world he wished for with creatures and always blue skies. They fall in love which makes the situation even worse; Is it possible for him to escape? Does he want to leave now?

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It is a pleasure and thank you as well, I'm glad you like the idea!
That's wonderful, I hope she likes it and I'm sure you'll do great with it. :D

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