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message 1: by Elvenn (new)

Elvenn | 3091 comments It looks like many works by Clarence E. Mulford need to be combined and those already combined with one of his main works (Hopalong Cassidy) need to be checked: there seems to be much confusion with the different titles in which that work was published. The Hopalong Cassidy Series also needs to be fixed and it begins with book 2... I started combining a few works but soon realized the project was simple but beyond my knowledge of the works so I'm posting it here in case there's someone around willing to look into the matter. Cheers.

message 2: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 24528 comments For the further edification of anyone who takes this on, Wikipedia gives a list of the novels and their publication dates:

Bar-20 (1906)
The Orphan (1908)
The Coming of Cassidy (1908)
Hopalong Cassidy (1910)
Bar-20 Days (1911)
Buck Peters, Ranchman (1912)
The Man from Bar-20 (1918)
Johnny Nelson (1920)
The Bar-20 Three (1921)
Tex (1922)
Bring Me His Ears (1922)
Black Buttes (1923)
Rustlers' Valley (1924)
Hopalong Cassidy Returns (1924)
Cottonwood Gulch (1925)
Hopalong Cassidy's Protege (1926) (Saddle Mate)
Bar-20 Rides Again (1926)
Corson of the JC (1927)
Mesquite Jenkins (1928)
Me and Shorty (1928)
Deputy Sheriff (1930)
Hopalong Cassidy and the Eagles Brood (1930)
Mesquite Jenkins, Tumbleweed (1931)
The Round-Up (1933)
Trail Dust (1934)
On the Trail of the Tumbling T (1935)
Hopalong Cassidy Takes Cards (1937)
Hopalong Cassidy Serves A Writ (1941)

message 3: by Ria (new)

Ria (savage_tiger) | 22 comments I cleaned up the series according to that Wikipedia page and seperated out #1 Bar-20 which is also known as Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up from the #4 Hopalong Cassidy book.

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