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(Pegasus also reside here only for professors or high people on the royal chain)

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The past couple of weeks Vincent had not been seen by many people. Most people didn't understand that the Herons could actually turn into birds. They came from a long line of shapeshifters, from before the storybook had ever written anything down. Though some were either full blown birds, or others hybrids, only his family had mastered the transition between full birds and human bodies. So, the past couple of days, Victor was flying with the birds or hiding in the woods. Sometimes he would sneak in at night to attend his classes, but once the classes were over, he would disappear immediately like a theif in the night. Since they were nearing a break, Victor would often spend his long days and nights at the stables. Letting the adrenaline pump through his veins as he would find freedom in their swift movements. Nobody genuinely came here seeing as they went home to their famlies during the break, and it was placed so far away from the school that everyone didn't even dare to try to make it here during after hours. But often Vincent would stay a week after so when everybody was done packing, he had the entire place to himself. Well, himself and his brothers. Though fortunately, Vincent made sure that he wasn't being followed before running off to the stables. After all, nobody wanted to be bothered when knitting especially someone who looked as though they could pummel you with their thumb. Even though everyone knew it wasn't the case. As Vincent continued to knit he couldn't helo but lay in the hay thinking about nothing but Ruby. The brightest of them all.

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Max Rue almost always went home for the breaks. She had two brothers and a loving father who always welcomed her home with open arms. This year though, she had been told to stay at school because the town was going through some hard times this year. They had been having a bandit problem and the crops had died due to a drought that had spread through the land. Ruby wanted more than anything to go home and fight in the towns tiny little makeshift army to keep the bandits away, but she knew that food would be scarce and she didn't want to stress her dad out by adding another mouth to feed for a week or two. She knew it was the right choice to make but she was terribly homesick which resulted in her being in a bad mood almost 24/7. The only times she was happy was when she was doing something, anything that took her mind off of home. One of those things was horseback riding. The Evers always got the best pick of beautiful horses and Rue had immediately fallen in love with a huge chestnut gelding named Atlas. He was an amazing jumper, but an even better racer and she loved to take him out on the riding paths and just let him run. She had been out for a few hours with Atlas and had completely tired him out and was bringing him back to the stables to wash him down and feed him. Noisily shoving the stable door open she carefully led her horse to his stall.
"You did great, you know that. You're amazing. Better than any dumb kid at this school." She cooed softly before kissing Atlas on the neck as she grabbed something to wash the sweat off of him. She was yet to notice that someone else was actually in the barn and she continued going about her business as usual. She was used to this routine of going out after dinner and riding for a while by now and she did everything with the precision of someone who has done it many times before. Her hair was coming out of it's braids and she peeled her sweaty cloak off, tossing it over the wooden stall with a relieved sigh. Racing a horse actually took a lot more work for the rider than most people thought it did she was terribly sweaty and the skin on her face felt rough from the wind. As she walked out of the stall to grab a few handfuls of oats, she finally noticed Vincent.
"Oh." Was all she said with a surprised look on her face. She hadn't seen him in weeks now but she could hardly go more than an hour without thinking about him.

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Fiddling with the hay and straw placed in the barn for the horses to eat and sleep in, Vincent wasn't neccicarily paying attention to the things in front of him. Though as he heard the 'Oh.' He immediately bolted to his feet with a dumbstruck look abruptly slapped onto his gullible face. Pieces of grass were seemingly intertwined with Victor's hair and he looked more like a stable boy than a prince at the moment. "What are you doing here?" Though as soon as it came out of his mouth he instantly regretted it. "I-I'm sorry, I mean hi... I wasn't really expecting anyone here. Usually my brothers and I stay here a few weeks after, you know, school gets out and all. B-but the stables are usually too far away..." Victor looked like a red delicious apple. He had a habbit of whenever he had been deeply embarrased, flustered, or tounge-tied, he would turn into a christmas bulb. Knowing this he looked as though he would pass out at any moment. "S-so, yeah wh-what are you doing here." Calm down! It's not like she knows you were thinking about her, God, you probably look like the biggest idiot she has ever seen in years! As he turned his attention to the oats he very quickly directed his attention to the very giant horse that was standing in the stables. Honestly how in the world did he actually miss her come in especially on that big a horse? Nevertheless she had a beautiful horse, he would have been jealous if it wasn't for the fact that he could buy multiple of horses like that. Yet, they had some kind of connections. "Hey do you thi-Victor!" Oh God. No no no. No right now. This was exactly what he was afraid of. Turning the corner was a perfectly built blone, blue eyed man, looking like a teenage zeus. "Come ba-whooo is this?" His Russian accent sounded exactly like Victors, it was almost impossible to think they weren't brothers. "Is this your girlfriend?" Taking her palm he placed a small, soft kiss before grabbing Victor. "Come on brother, it is time to eat. You may invite your friend if you would like?"

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Max Rue awkwardly looked away from him, fiddling with the end of her braid. She was still sort of angry at him for leaving so suddenly that day a few weeks ago. Even if she didn't fully understand why he had left she still felt like she deserved to at least feel a little bit annoyed about it. Actually, more than a little bit annoyed. She had spent the next few days after sullenly ignoring everyone (more than she usually did which was saying something). Her school work had further plummeted, although that wasn't necessarily her fault. After all, no one had told her that she was supposed to talk to the fairies not catch them. Or that the magical owl in the forest didn't like being disturbed. Needless to say, she wasn't exactly good at being an Ever.
"That's all I get? A hi, after weeks of totally disappearing?" She asked finally, crossing her arms tightly. She wanted him to explain exactly what had happened. Why he had teased her so easily into liking him and then walked away. She had begun to understand why he had left but it didn't seem like a good enough reason for her. But despite her anger and confusion she couldn't help but be reminded about just how adorable Vincent was. Stammering and flushing like he was, it was truly one of the cutest things she had ever seen in a very long time. It was nothing like the sooth tease who had kissed her in the arena, but still exactly who Victor.
"I was out riding." She replied shortly and was about to move away to continue caring for her horse when another voice stopped her short. It sounded so much like Victor that she actually had remind herself that he hadn't been the one who had just spoken. The same soft vowels in certain places and the same soft lilt of the voice, it was awfully confusing. Her gaze snapped to attention as her eyes settled on a very handsome boy who had just walked in. There was no denying the striking family resemblance between Victor and the other boy and she very easily made the link to his brother. She looked away slightly at the word girlfriend but quickly looked back when his brother kissed her hand. That was a very princely move and Ruby could easily see why Victor had been so threatened by his older brother. But there was something so perfectly imperfect about Victor that his brother didn't have, and that was what made Victor so special in Rue's eyes. He wasn't only prince, he was boy too.
"Actually, he just invited me." She smiled brightly at his brother and quickly grabbed her cloak from the stall, putting it over her arm since she was too hot to put it back on yet.
"Shall we?"

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Watching his brother even step near Ru y was enough to make Vicor boil with jealousy, but the kissing of her hand made him want to screech at the top of his lungs. He looked back to Ruby whl was standing with the sunlight behind her which made all of her features glow with a natural highlighter. God, she was beautiful, as he looked back towards Illarion, he saw that he too with his golden hair, rippling muscles, and green eyes that he looked absolutely devine, like a god. As he saw them, he wondered what he probably looked like in comparison, the hay embeded in his dirty brown hair, his beet red flustered face, his lake water blue eyes, and his somewhat defined muscles in his head was like comparing fools gold to a diamond. As he dusted off the remains of the hay and barely, Victor felt his face regulate it's temperature back to normal before he spoke. Though by the time he was going to it was too late, his brother had beaten him to it. "We shall." Grabbing her hand he began to walk towards the castle, and promptly walking away as if Victor disn't even exist anymore. That was the last straw, Victor was fed. Up. He liked Ruby, and watching her walk away with one of the people he despised the most, was not going to happen. At least not today. And when he saw him wink at her while they were in a coversation, he lost it. "AAAGGGRHHHHHH!" Releasing some sort of battle cry, Victor tackled his brother sucessfully resulting of Illarion on the ground, though it was not like that for long as Victor soon found himself under Illarion gripping his wrists and yelling at him. It wasn't until minutes after that Victor was actually registering what he was saying. "JUST CHILL OUT!" The snarl on his face remained, and all he wanted to do was leave. Jetting to the stables, he flung himself onto a saddle and placed it on top of Kirill, a deep chestnut brown stallion with the speed of a falcon. Just like that, Victor was gone, so unbelieveably embarrased and angry.

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Max ((Quick question. This could go two ways. One, Rue could fall for Victor's brother before eventually realizing she was an idiot and Victor is way better, or she could go with Victor and hate his brothers forever))

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((Maybe she could like try anf investigate more about His brothers cuz rn Victor is the one who seems insane, then learn that his brothers are actually dickwads))

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Max ((Okay!))

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Max What was with these guys and touching? Even Victor hadn't shied away from grasping her around the waist and sliding her across the floor when they had just barely met. Now as she felt his brother's hand close around hers she was quick to pull away. She just wasn't used to people being so physical, after all she had never even spoken to Victor's brother. The only things she knew about them was their reputation from other love-struck girls and from Victor himself (who made them sound nothing like what all the other girls talked about). But besides the weird hand holding, Ruby couldn't see anything wrong with Victor's brother, in fact he seemed quite sweet in her opinion. She was amazed at the similarities between him and Victor. They both liked to flirt which was evident by the wink sly wink she had caught with a little bit of a flush but despite their flirtatious nature they also managed to seem proper and sweet. The big difference is that while Victor's brother managed to let off an aura of being nice, he was not boyish in the way Victor was. He was to tall and muscly and princely for Rue to even imagine him being anywhere near as innocently delightful as Victor was. Although right now Victor was being anything but delightful. She jumped back as Victor came flying at his brother with a battle cry. Rue watched with wide eyes as they rolled around on the grass, Victor snarling like a wounded animal. She could have stopped them if she wanted to but she didn't want to butt into something that didn't concern her. This seemed more like a family problem to her and she didn't understand why Victor was so angry all of a sudden. She liked him, she really did but she didn't quite understand the extent Victor's protectiveness over her. In her mind they had only ever talked a few times and he didn't want her, so he should even have the right to want to protect her. She didn't realize that his feelings didn't really work that way. It only took a few moments for his brother to pin Victor's slighter body under his own and they were both screaming at each other until a stunned looking Victor just scrambled up and disappeared into the forest on his horse. Rue was left there with a shocked look on her face as she wiped some mud off of her face that had been kicked up from the fight.
"Are you alright?" She asked his brother, eyes still wide and puzzled as she reached out a hand to help him up. Her gaze flickered quickly from his brother to where Victor had disappeared in a cloud of dust and back to his brother again. She didn't understand this family dynamic since her and her brothers had gotten along quite well for her entire life.
"I don't know why he went off on you like that." She added honestly with a slightly frown.

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Max ((Hey sorry to bother you, but I just sort of realized that Victor isn't going to be part of the next scenes. Are you going to play his brothers?))

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((Yeah, I've actually be thinking about that, I'm debating if im going to write the scenes where Victor is riding off or not))

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Max ((Sorry? I'm not quite sure I understand... like you would also write out what Victor was doing at the same time?))

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((Yeah, but also i have like 3 rps to return))

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Max ((got it. It's fine, take your time I was just thinking about it and I was like... "uh, how is she gonna respond to this?"))

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